Illustrations by Jonny Ruzzo for TIME (Source Photo: Courtesy Bobbie)

A handful of producers have dominated the American baby-formula industry for decades, and the industry isn’t known for being on the cutting edge. But after Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy had children, they found they were dissatisfied with the options. They turned that frustration into a company, Bobbie, which touts that it follows not only the infant-formula standards set by the FDA, but also those of the European Union, and is both USDA- and E.U.-certified organic. They’ve made a splash in the market and grown quickly, reaching $100 million in lifetime revenue in 2022. This summer, Bobbie acquired a formula manufacturer, aiming to take control of its own production. Modi, who is Bobbie’s CEO, says she hopes scaling up can help prevent formula shortages like the one that affected families in 2022—while also strengthening control over its recipe to ensure it’s as safe and healthy for babies as possible. It’s also expected to enable them to feed three times as many babies. Bobbie aims to keep pushing the industry status quo to raise the quality of infant formula, Modi says. “It’s making sure that infant formula always meets the latest science.”

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