Dylan Brandt
Liz Sanders—The New York Times/Redux

I met Dylan Brandt at the courthouse in 2021 when he first challenged Arkansas’ ridiculous law banning gender-­affirming care for trans kids. He was so kind, despite what he was going through at the time. The way things are in this world, it’s hard to grow up and be your true self; we have to bend here and bow there. But Dylan is a young man who knows how to fight, fight, fight. People will always remember that he fought for trans kids in Arkansas—and, in June of this year, won a landmark victory when a federal judge struck down the ban on gender-­affirming care. Hopefully his success encourages other folks across the U.S. to stand up and fight against all of the continued bullsh-t that the transgender community has to deal with. Now, Dylan deserves to have peace, quiet, and enjoyment—and a long and happy life. I love him so much and I wish him well. If he’s ever in Little Rock, he’s always welcome at the Oasis.

Miss Major is an activist and the founder of House of GG in Little Rock, Ark.

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