Ramy Youssef
Sharif Hamza—Trunk Archive

The moment I knew Ramy Youssef and I would be friends was on a flight. An honestly ancient woman sat next to him, ate boiled eggs, and incessantly asked him for tech help. Ramy in that moment was exactly who he always is: someone effortlessly navigating life’s surreal tensions with kindness, humor, and undeniable charm.

Ramy’s acclaimed work in stand-up, acting, writing, and directing all speak to that. His penchants for mischief and deep love for humanity live side by side, adding up to a worldview that’s uniquely his own. His work makes you laugh. It makes you feel.

My favorite thing about Ramy is that he’s a natural collaborator and caretaker, whether he’s helping friends with their hours and shows or offering them a couch to sleep on. He cares as much about a script as he does about making you laugh until you can’t see straight. He’s a creative force this industry is lucky to have and an amazing friend. And I’m not just saying that because I sometimes sleep on his couch.

Edebiri is an Emmy-nominated actor

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