Mae Martin
Jesse Glazzard

One can only imagine how profound an impact Mae Martin has had across the world. If the way their work has affected me is any indication, that impact is immense. Their candor in speaking about sexuality, identity, and addiction—all while making us laugh endlessly—is not just life-­affirming, but also life-­altering. Mae has the power to crack you open, to release you from shame. Whether in their gorgeously written and stunningly performed television series or their stand-up specials, they resist the urge to hold back, and it is a true joy and inspiration to witness. They step forward gracefully but unapologetically, with confidence and undeniable brilliance, to remind us what being alive is all about: being our full, authentic selves. Mae has certainly done that for me.

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Page is an activist, author, and Oscar- and Emmy-­nominated actor

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