Tyler James Williams
Sage East

I met a 13-year-old Tyler James Williams on my first TV show, and I was nervous. I’d always heard the biggest obstacles on set were kids and animals. We were delving into the great Chris Rock’s past, and this kid would need to be a superstar. But as a dad myself, I also worried about the pressure children in Hollywood face.

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Then we had our first scenes together. Tyler delivered his lines effortlessly, his comedic instincts razor-sharp. And when he was done working, he broke out into a big, beautiful smile.

That Tyler has grown into a brilliant talent is no surprise. I ran into him last year and told him how proud and thankful I am to have worked with someone who, at such a young age, carried the show. He gave me that smile. There’s nothing harder than going from child star to adult star, but Tyler has always been comfortable with himself, and it’s why he’ll continue to shine.

Crews is an actor and former NFL player

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