Noah Kahan
Brent Goldman

Noah Kahan is so honest in everything he does. He connects with people on a personal level because he cuts right through to the core of what they are feeling. His music puts words to emotions that we all have but don’t really understand, giving them greater meaning through his haunting melodies. Noah grew up in the town right next to where I lived for some of the most formative years of my life. His breakthrough 2022 album Stick Season talks about growing up and all of the little towns nestled together in that area with such a perfect balance of nostalgia, love, and derision. The way he can point out flaws in a place or in life without stripping away the importance and beauty is so rare. He sings about change and learning and growth in such a way that it makes the rest of us feel it’s OK not to have everything figured out. I truly believe Noah’s work is groundbreaking. He could not have come at a better time. When everyone in the world seems desperate for either perfection or disarray but nobody can seem to figure out which is which, Noah can. Or better put, Noah Kahan.

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