Julio Torres
Mitch Zachary

There is a place for us. A universe uncovered by writer, director, comedian Julio Torres that, if you haven’t already found your way into it, is at hand. A universe that’s good for your soul, so get ready to lay down your arms. In this realm, something magical is possible: We feel somehow better about humans, even about being human ourselves. We are suddenly fond of our species—and despite all the ludicrous, butterfingered, serpentine ways in which we endeavor, valiantly, to defeat ourselves, we somehow seem redeemable. The awe with which we might stand in the face of our capacity to self-sabotage has never been so incontrovertibly rendered hilarious. And the incomparable kindness with which Julio delivers us to the edge of this enlightenment has a (wicked) gentleness: the lightest brush of the pinion of the wisest angel in the fleet. Get ready, he’s on his way with wings outspread. Surrender. He’ll take it from here.

Swinton is an Oscar-winning actor

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