Celine Song
Taylor Jewell—Invision/AP

When you meet Celine Song, you can’t be surprised that her heart and mind are just as large and sophisticated as her work. Even so, my eyes will always be adjusting to the magic of her presence and, more so, her friendship. In my imagination I’m special enough to have had my own “past life” with Celine; the generosity of her gaze taps into a familiar longing, an understanding you’ve always needed, a space you’ve never known how to fill. She will step into that space like a work of literature, and you are less alone. She will see you when you don’t see yourself. I’ve kissed a lot of ass in my day and I’ve meant every word, but Celine is at the top. There is nothing like her film, and there is no one like her. We must look after her, because she is looking after all of us.

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