Nate Palmer

The shining lights of this moment heralding the achievements of Black women working in the political sphere have allowed us to watch the thoughtful and studied approach of Abby Phillip.

I met Abby when she was 21 years old, fresh out of Harvard University and writing for Politico. We worked in the basement of the White House Press Room together during the Obama years. With two Presidents down and now covering her third, she offers a calm assurance in the midst of historic divides, first as a correspondent on CNN and now as the anchor of Inside Politics Sunday.

She is a fresh face, but not new to this game. She has learned that covering the White House is very D.C.-focused. However, she is keenly aware that in covering any beat, you need input from the rest of the country and the world. She understands you have to hear and see the people to hear and see the story as it is really happening.

Ryan is an author, a CNN political analyst and the White House correspondent for TheGrio

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