Bryant Eslava

Reaching 100 million followers on TikTok is no small feat. When I met Charli D’Amelio at Super Bowl LIV in 2020, I could see she had that spark you need as a performer or entertainer to draw an audience. She felt like a kindred spirit, maybe because I started out as a dancer too. When Charli dances, she connects. She’s the biggest new teenage star right now, and it’s not simply that she dances on TikTok. She’s the best at it. When she dances, people want to be like her. Her authenticity comes through the screen. There’s huge responsibility in such a high level of fame. With each new follower or video that brings in millions of views, Charli shows that the days of simply waiting to be discovered for your talents are gone. Put yourself out there on your own terms, and as Charli has proven with true authenticity, they will come.

Lopez is an award-winning musical artist, actor and producer

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