Dua Lipa is a shining star, blazing a dazzling trail through the pop cosmos. Just under four years ago, she released the first of her two albums. Today, she is dancing hand in hand with the zeitgeist, having carved with laser-like precision her place in the cultural landscape. I entered Dua’s orbit last November when I appeared as a guest on her Studio 2054 streamed concert. The production was spectacular and inclusive, somehow both future and retro, with her instantly recognizable voice stamped all over clever songwriting. While I know what it’s like to be in the eye of the storm, on this occasion, I was able to see the wider view from the periphery. Her famous work ethic radiated throughout the production. “You have to work hard to make a bit of luck,” her father told her when she was younger. It seems she listened. Her achievements are all the more remarkable given that she is 25 years of age. She’s kind, cool and smart. She’s a bona fide pop behemoth. And I, like millions of others, look forward to more, and even more, from La Lipa.

Minogue is a Grammy Award-winning musical artist


Photograph by Micaiah Carter for TIME

Styled by Lorenzo Posocco; Hair by Jen Atkins; Make-up by Samantha Lau; Nails by Kimmie Kyees

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