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I met Ana de Armas on the first day of filming Knives Out. During that first scene, I looked into her beautiful green eyes, which were brimming with tears of grief as her character mourned her friend and employer. At that moment, I remember thinking, Who is this? Her talent was unmistakable. I immediately wanted to try to do anything I could to help this young actor from Cuba on her journey, though I quickly realized she didn’t need it. Her gifts were evident. During production, she showed me a photo of her screen test as Marilyn Monroe for Blonde, and I couldn’t see Ana anywhere. Just Marilyn in all her fragile glory. Her performance in Knives Out grounds the movie, giving it a beating heart. We will all get to remember the moment we first set eyes on her, and watch in wonder and delight as she ascends to the greatest heights our industry offers, buoyed by the depth of her soul and talent. A megaestrella has arrived: Que seas tú la estrella que brilla alto y fuerte, Ana de Armas.

Curtis is an actor and author

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