Olivia Malone—Trunk Archive

I truly believe anyone lucky enough to meet Hunter Schafer will feel the immense light that is constantly radiating from her. She makes everyone in her orbit feel seen. I’ve had the privilege of watching her tap into every facet of her creative being as an actress and artist while working with her on Euphoria, and am lucky to call her one of my closest friends. Her ability to fearlessly navigate the darkest and most emotionally taxing scenes with such a haunting rawness and emotional honesty leaves me speechless.

She recently co-wrote and co-produced a special episode of Euphoria centering on her character Jules, displaying a natural instinct mature beyond her years. She visualizes something and knows exactly how it can be realized. From writing words down on the page to bringing a character to life onscreen—she just gets it. Hunter is so special, in so many ways that I could go on forever, but this truly is only her beginning. There is no limit to the beauty she will create.

Zendaya is an Emmy Award–winning actor

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