Vanderpump-Todd Family Collection

On Mother’s Day, I know you both always do your utmost to make me feel appreciated, but let me explain what it really means to me.

The bond I have with you both, it is something totally different to any other relationship I have ever had. Max has shown us that biology has little to do with a mother’s bond. The physical barriers that were bestowed upon me as a child have been diminished. Despite the liberties I took as I raised you both—kissing every inch of chubby baby fat I could find, ridiculously naming your teddy “Paws,” your feathers, pork-chops, and endless lists, our games—I have been comforted by the fact that you indulging me really filled a gap in my life. The freedom as a mother to nurture, to climb into your bed and whisper deep into your ear, “Mummy loves you,” to love unabatedly, unapologetically, and to feel a sense of pride as you passed milestones in your life, as if it were my own achievement.

Any pain you both felt was echoed, magnified as I immersed myself in your battles, struggled to step aside and encourage you to discover your independence from me, as I prepared to push you out of my feathered nest. I felt exasperation as I repeated the same thing every day, “Please pick up your backpack! Don’t leave it in the hall.” And then one day that backpack is gone and I would do anything to see it strewn across the floor.

I made the rules at home and we loved breaking them—ponies in the kitchen, ducks in the bed, midnight feasts, riding bareback in pajamas through the village, a journey that was filled with ridiculous scenarios that only we could enjoy, because you were mine and you were the best playmates a mother could have. So I thank you for that.

My happiness will always depend on yours. A mother is only as happy as her saddest child—remember that, as you often chastise me for worrying too much, as you navigate your way on this challenging journey.

You have enriched the fabric of my life, you have colored it, you have given me so many memories that I have harvested for a day when my life might not be so vibrant. And so on this Mother’s Day I want you to know, it is an honor to be your mother, a job I will always cherish. I thank you both.


Vanderpump is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, co-creator of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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