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The greatest joy of my life is being your Mom. People often ask me “What’s the thing that you’re most proud of?” and I always answer, “my two children.”

I was so lucky to have parents who made huge sacrifices so that my sister, brother and I could have opportunities for a great education and so much more. Now Dad and I are doing our best to make sure that you guys have the chance to become all that you want to be.

Ceci—I love your zest for life and the way that you are always game for new adventures. I admire your sense of justice and fairness, and deep belief that all kids should have the same opportunities regardless of the color of their skin, income level, or where they live. Make sure you keep that spirit and confidence, even if it means having the courage to do things differently than the other kids.

Tommy—I hope you know how proud I am of your determination and hard work. Sometimes when I get tired, I think of you cranking away and it gives me energy to keep going. I also think of your hilarious jokes and performances, which always make me smile. Your ability to make any situation fun is a real gift, which I hope you always continue to share with others.

As you guys grow up, always remember that your family and your faith will sustain you no matter the challenges you may face. Tough times and good times come and go, but your family and faith will always be there. So, don’t forget to begin and end each day with your prayers!

I also hope you know how much I appreciate your support, especially now that I am in public service. I know it’s hard for you because I am out so many evenings, and when we are together on weekends it is often walking in a parade or attending an event together. But I also know (and so appreciate) that you believe in the work we are doing and how important it is that together we will help all Rhode Island families have opportunities like we do.

I couldn’t do this without you guys—I love it when you remind me that “Mom, you can do this”—even though you tease me for talking about my “jobs plan” too much! When I feel like the weight of the world—or at least the weight of Rhode Island—is on my shoulders, you keep things in perspective and remind me of what really matters, which inspires me.

We’re lucky to begin every day together with our family breakfast—no matter how busy we are—which sets us up for the whole day. And we’re so fortunate to end each week with our Sunday night supper, cooking together in the kitchen all afternoon (just like my grandfather and parents did with me and my siblings) and eating in the dining room. I look forward to that special time together all week.

My prayer for us all is that we stay this close forever and that you know that Dad and I will always be here and always love you.


Raimondo is the governor of Rhode Island

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