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My heart is full as I write this letter. Filled with a lifetime of love for the two of you. It seems I always have a prayer like a song on repeat running through my head for you both. No matter where we are at different hours of the day or days of the month we are connected through this prayer. How lucky am I.

You have brought me joy that I couldn’t imagine was possible. I didn’t know I wanted daughters until an astrologer told me at 19 years old that he saw me on a step with two children, both of them girls. And there I saw you, part of my body and soul, and the greatest event and gift of my lifetime.

Thank you for being you. I am in awe of who you both have become, women of great talent and compassion. Kidada, the rebel, fine artist, writer and guide for young girls. You are a wonderful painter and drawer like my mother, your grandma Rita. Your connection with universal truth and your heart is profound and you are a deep listener for all who need you. Rashida, you are an actress, writer, humanitarian, musician and so much more. Your friendships steeped in generosity are deeply lasting which says so much about your heart and commitment. You are a scholar much like my father Harold.

But you are yourselves, and you have forged your lives from kindness, gratitude and guts. You are always there for me. Your ongoing love is my fortune. You were so much fun as kids—funny girls who continually made me laugh and want to know more about you and your world. I have lived a great life as your mother.

On Mother’s Day, I want to say thank you to your dad [music producer Quincy Jones] and give you, Rashie and K, the fruits of many years of blessings. To say I am proud of you both is an understatement. If you weren’t my daughters, I would seek you out for your hearts, spiritual wisdom and kindness. But you are my girls. For this, I will live in gratitude for the rest of my life.

I love you both,
“yo mama”

Lipton is an actress and former star of ABC’s The Mod Squad

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