Don Flood/Courtesy Jillian Michaels

In this crazy world where things are so unsure

One thing you can believe in is that my love for you is true and pure

I have so many wishes for you, so many wants and hopes and dreams

They run the gamut from all life’s offerings, so many different themes

I wish I could be a perfect mom who never disappoints you — your personal Wonder Woman

Sadly though, this isn’t possible, as God has made me only human

If I could, I’d take the pain from all the falls, trips and scrapes

And prohibit any tears from ever staining your beautiful sweet face

I’d beat the bully up when he’s hurting all your feelings

But a mom in jail would not do anything to help those feelings start their healing

I’d give my whole heart and soul to remove all monsters in closets and under beds

I’d sacrifice almost anything to take the worry from your little head

I’d lock your heart up safe so no one can ever break it

And give a thorough interrogation to those who ask to take it

I’d shield you from the gruesome things this world can hold in store

And hope to God you never know the cruelties and atrocities of war

But what I can not take away I’ll compensate with giving

To insure your precious life is a beautiful adventure in living

I’ll tell you daily you’re the light of my life, my brilliant shining star

So you’ll grow up with the self-esteem to find someone who’ll love you for who you are

I’ll talk to you of your beauty and smarts until you find your own voice

Then I promise to respect the autonomy of your choice

My shoulder is here to cry on when life has got you beat

I’ll carry you until you’re strong enough to stand on your own two feet

Then I’ll step aside and let you go to find yourself with no restrictions

I’ll cheer from those sidelines as you act in the courage of your own convictions

I’m always here for you to bend my ear about all your dreams and aspirations

You’ll have my unwavering support even if I don’t agree with all your machinations

I’ll be the home you can return to no matter where those dreams take you or how far

I will always have your back no matter where you are

I would go to the ends of the earth for you. I’d lay down my life daily

Even when you grow up and have kids of your own because you will always be my baby

And when this world grows tired of me and the day comes that I must leave

Know you will forever find me in your heart. Trust in me child. Believe.

Michaels is an entrepreneur, fitness trainer and star of the E! docu-series Just Jillian

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