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Halsey is the type of person who leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. She has an incredible ability to exude this magic from within herself. Her bold spirit really shines through her music and performances, as well as her life. And that spirit and passion have been instilled in us and inspired artistic ambitions of our own.

We were first introduced to Halsey’s music through “Closer” and “Without Me.” Her latest project, Manic, in which one of us—SUGA—had the honor of taking part, is among the most genuine pieces of work we’ve ever encountered. Knowing her music, the decision to collaborate with her on our single “Boy With Luv” was one of the easiest calls we’ve ever had to make. It just had to be her.

Working with her was everything we could have wished for and more. Halsey is not only a strikingly talented artist, but also a dedicated partner who sincerely devotes everything to the art we create together. She inspires us, and we’re incredibly honored to be able to call her our cherished friend. We cannot wait to see what she has for the world down the road.

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