A Compass That Points to Family and Friends

Kim Bubello for TIME

Who hasn’t worried about getting separated from friends at a crowded event or losing track of a loved one on a family vacation? LynQ ($209 for two), a new location tracker, offers a fix. Using a combination of GPS technology and long-range radio frequencies, LynQs can find other LynQs up to three miles away; an onscreen dot then points each user in the right direction, like a compass. As a bonus, parents or pet owners can also set up “safe zones” to be alerted when a wandering child or animal leaves a given area. Unlike smartphones, LynQ doesn’t require a cell signal or monthly subscription, and it’s easier for kids to use than full GPS handsets. “We always say LynQ solves the three W’s,” says co-founder Drew Lauter, whose startup has raised more than $1.5 million to mass-produce the device. “No more worrying, wandering or waiting around.” —Alejandro De La Garza

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