Better weather info

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Coupling satellite radars and AI, is reinventing weather forecasts for the risk-laden climate change era. The eight-year-old startup provides weather “intelligence” to help businesses and governments get a better handle on everything from air quality to wind conditions to major storms. Last year, it became the first private company to operate space-based weather radars. The company says its platform, which allows users to customize more than 40 different weather parameters by location, makes predictions on par or superior to U.S. government and ground systems. JetBlue uses at its 10 busiest airports to avoid costly delays and cancellations. Other clients include Uber, Fox Sports, Ford, Denny’s, the Bahamas, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the City of Hoboken, New Jersey. With more satellite launches scheduled this year— plans a global network of 30 orbiting radars—the company’s goal is a “constellation bringing next-generation weather forecasting” to billions of people worldwide, says CMO Dan Slagen.

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