Digital defense

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Hackers send billions of emails every day hoping to trick people into revealing sensitive login credentials. Yubico’s YubiKeys lock down access credentials by making them impossible to transmit digitally. Every user carries a physical YubiKey fob that plugs into a computer to confirm their identity, eliminating annoying authentications that involve texts and mobile phones. “When you have a hardware-backed solution like ours, there‘s no way for someone else to use your credentials to get access to systems, because it's just in your pocket,” says CEO Mattias Danielsson. In 2023, Yubico started or expanded partnerships with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more, and its enterprise clients drove net sales to $170 million, an 18% increase. With U.S. elections ahead in 2024, it is working with Defending Digital Campaigns, a U.S.-based nonpartisan nonprofit providing eligible political campaigns with resources to defend themselves, and democracy, from hackers.

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