Ynon Kreiz

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By J.J. Abrams

Some skilled kitesurfers, with enough speed sailing downwind, can manage to steer their kite upward, generating sufficient lift to pop off the water and fly magnificently into the sky. This maneuver requires careful coordination, control, and a fierce mental commitment. No surprise, then, that Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz is not only a rabid kitesurfer, but one who regularly “pops.” His work at the esteemed toy company began six years ago, when sales were sluggish and Barbie was just a beloved doll. With a visionary’s eyes and a kitesurfer’s audacity, he reorganized, coordinated, and schemed—imagining Mattel not as a toy company but as an entertainment company. Those of us who have known Ynon for years have witnessed his unwavering determination to turn Barbie and other Mattel brands into cultural phenomena. One way he is doing that is by trusting his creative partners like Greta Gerwig to take giant, unexpectedly creative swings. With toy sales strong, Mattel Films development in overdrive, and an Oscar-winning, $1.5 billion hit under his belt, Ynon is only gaining speed, getting ready for his next launch skyward.

Abrams, a filmmaker, is developing a movie with Mattel Films

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