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Today in Monkey Business, Let’s Follow the Escapades of This Trio of Baboons Who Escaped

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Three baboons got up to some monkey business on Tuesday much to the entertainment of Sydney residents who spotted the troop on their escapades and Twitter users who followed the action online.

The baboons escape was for a very relatable reason: one was on its way to the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital for a vasectomy, while the other two were there to help him remain calm, according to The Guardian. While the surgical procedure was intended to allow the baboon to stay with his family “through until old age,” according to a NSW health minister who spoke with The Guardian, the baboons had different plans.

When the transport truck was stopped, they made their escape. Their escape artist routine triggered baboon sightings around the hospital. Bewildered people, unsure what else to do after spotting the primates running wild, called the police, as well as in to a local radio show, much to the amusement of host Ben Fordham who tweeted the escapade.

Twitter users followed along online, tweeting their own updates and comments:

Finally, in a pun-filled tweet, the New South Wales Police confirmed that the “troop of baboons” that had been “going bananas” had been contained so no need to “pry, mate”.

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