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Samsung’s Trying Foldable Phones Once Again With the Galaxy Z Flip

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Hot on the heels of the poorly kept secret that was Samsung’s Galaxy S20 line of smartphones, the electronics giant revealed its newest foldable smartphone at its annual Unpacked event Tuesday. Dubbed the Galaxy Z Flip, the foldable smartphone features a clamshell design similar to the flip-phones of yore. And it’ll be available just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“With Galaxy Z Flip’s unique foldable design and user experience, we’re redefining what a mobile device can be, and what it enables consumers to do,” said Samsung executive Dr. TM Roh of the new foldable phone, which unfolds to reveal a 6.7-inch display with a 2636 x 1080 resolution, made of Samsung’s bendable glass (dubbed Ultra Thin Glass, or UTG).

On the front is a 1.1-inch “cover display,” providing short bits of information like time, caller ID, and text message previews. It also doubles as a viewinder, letting you take a selfie without opening the device itself. On the inside, the Galaxy Z Flip sports a hole-punch camera in the foldable display, a first for the category. It’s got an ultra-wide and wide-angle camera on its rear.

Unlike Samsung’s previous foldable phone, the problem-plagued Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip sports some upgrades to its folding mechanism, including features like a “fiber shield” to keep dust and debris out of the hidden hinge and away from the display.

On stage, Samsung said the Galaxy Z Flip could fold up to 200,000 times.

That hinge features what Samsung calls “flex mode,” which gives the Galaxy Z Flip an adjustable display similar to your laptop, letting you change the angle without worrying about the device tipping over. When propped up, the Galaxy Z Flip divides itself into two 4-inch sections depending on the app in use: the upper viewing area, and the lower interaction area.

Samsung demonstrated by placing the phone on a table to take a selfie, and showed off a YouTube video on the top half while comments were displayed on the lower half.

The Galaxy Z Flip isn’t cheap. More expensive than the S20 and S20+, the Galaxy Z Flip will be available February 14 for $1,380.

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