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Cats have a reputation for intimidating and, of course, eating fish. But as the proverb goes turnabout is fair play, and at least two cats are now well aware of that.

Because in a clip posted to Reddit on Tuesday morning — where it naturally made a lot of people laugh — shows what happens when a large fish in a sink full of water leaps out at a pair of cats on the counter. In summary, you might say that they lose their perch.

In the video, the two curious furballs can be seen suspiciously staring down the large fish in a full sink. They then get a taste of the fish, but not in the way they expected: the feisty flipper comes at them. The cats react appropriately to the shocking twist, and we wish everyone in this situation well.

There are vengeful cats, there are drama queen cats, and and in this moment, it sure seems fair to say that there are scaredy cats.

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