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Not Everyone Is Comfortable With This Woman’s Post-It Note-Like Hack to Avoid Folding Fitted Sheets

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There are a few mysteries in this world, like what is actually kept at the military base known as Area 51, whether Loch Ness truly holds a monster in its murky depths, whether we are alone in the universe, and how to fold a fitted sheet. While civilians may never know the truth about Area 51, one Twitter user has shared a solution to the mystery of the fitted sheet.

Twitter user @Shenanigans_luv boldly suggested that the secret to folding a fitted sheet is to not fold it all. Instead, wash your sheet and put the clean fitted sheet directly on the mattress—no folding required. “I don’t know who needs to hear this,” the Twitter user shared, “but you can put two or three fitted sheets on your bed at a time and just remove the top one when it’s dirty instead of always folding them and putting them away”.

Basically, they suggest piling up fitted sheets and when it’s time to change the bottom, just peeling off the dirty one like a Post-It Note, revealing a clean one underneath. Genius, right? Naturally other Twitter users had some thoughts on this hack. Some thought it was clever, others found it unhygienic, while a few wanted to expand the concept to other areas of life, like daily dressing. Turns out fitted sheets bring out a lot of emotions, but so do most of life’s great mysteries.


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