December 12, 2019 10:37 AM EST

A video reel highlighting a physics professor’s highly amusing classroom demonstrations has endeared him to the masses after a student honored him in the best way she knows how.

“Y’all need to see this video collage of all the crazy things my Physics Professor did this semester. He’s in his 70s and is still doing all of this for us,” she captioned the tweet Wednesday night alongside a video documenting his best moments. It was an appropriate toast, as the video has been viewed more than 6 million times.

Every demonstration he does is hilariously wholesome in its own right.

When it comes to pulling stunts, he doesn’t just go the extra mile. He goes several extra miles. There he is barreling down the hall on a skateboard with a student. And look, there he is popping up and down on a pogo stick while wearing a jester hat. Did your teacher send a balloon flying all over the place or make ice cream for everyone as part of a science experiment? This guy does.

Naturally, commenters applauded him for going all out to engage his students.

If only he did parties.

See the video of the stunt-pulling physics professor below.

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