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The latest, greatest viral challenge to get people from all walks of life around the world “doing it for the social media platform TikTok has been dubbed the “Gravity Challenge.”

What’s really revving people up is the chance to demonstrate that the law of gravity, well, “works”—using a visual gag. Specifically, people are posting videos of themselves leaning back and spitting water into the air. The joke? Much, much more water is dumped back on them thanks to an assist from a friend overhead.

Some people get a little moisture on their head that they can towel off. Some people get soaked. Some people really, really get a downpour.

All set to the tune of John Mayer’s 2006 soft rock song “Gravity,” these videos call to mind the ice bucket challenge from way back in 2014, but the amount of the spillage is more comical.

The full swatch of lyrics to the song go, “Gravity is working against me. And gravity wants to bring me down.” But who needs all that? The only snippet of the song that plays features Mayer singing “gravity is working.” TikTok users have taken the theme of this song literally with the “Gravity Challenge,” and boy are they committing.

It first kicked off on TikTok with the hashtags “gravity” and “gravity challenge” as trendsetters took it from there, doing their thing with all kinds of interpretations.

Everyone is along for the ride with their showiest efforts, from elaborate to simple.

This contribution to the challenge didn’t hide the method behind the madness.

Shout out to the mischief makers known on TikTok as the @TheGumbotwins for setting the bar with a massive wave. As for how they pulled it off, they’ll post the behind the scenes magic soon enough.

And this one proves if you want to participate in the challenge, you need a lot of water and some willingness to deal with a wet carpet for days.

John Mayer did enter the fray for the bottle cap challenge. But now’s really the time. Your move, Mayer.

See everyone take their best shots at the gravity challenge below.

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