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Trusting Guy Let the Internet Decorate His Room and the Weird Decorative Items Are Spectacular

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A young man’s crowdsourcing mission has gone viral after he created a Twitter bot with one goal: let strangers on the internet choose what he should purchase to decorate his new room by tweeting him with the links to some predictably strange items.

He set up the stunt in order to give an interior decorator the slip and trustingly go with random people instead.

This bot that purchases products suggested by random people to help him create a space with an unclear decor aesthetic is the brainchild of a clearly savvy individual on the internet, @michaelreeves08. (He is careful to note that Amazon did not sponsor this move.)

“Use Twitter to decorate my room,” he wrote on Thursday with a video that explained it all, racking up nearly 4 million views as of Friday morning, just 24 hours after it was posted.

“I don’t know how to decorate anything. Now I could ask friends for help or ask an interior decorator, but that’s social interaction, and I don’t support it. So instead, I wrote a Twitter bot that lets you decide what goes in my room just by tweeting it,” Reeves wrote. And the internet took it from there.

His bot works like this: For every distinct Amazon link the bot receives that gets the most likes, it responds swiftly by purchasing the item automatically every 15 minutes. All of this happens without prompting Reeves to weigh in on any of the items that are about to ship straight to his home. But the bot won’t order everything people tweet at him, just the products that get the most traction.

As one of the world’s most massive retailers, Amazon is noted for its proud history of selling you all kinds of unexpected items at one retailer and it can get stranger and stranger. It’s a glimpse into the world of people who need things like yodeling pickles.

So the internet did not disappoint feeding him things like a Nicholas face sequin pillow and a woman with asthma poster. “Let him get the candle holder he DESERVES. Also he can just put whatever the hell on it, doesn’t have to be candles,” someone wrote about an octopus-shaped candle holder.

The replies show people pummeling him with links and lighting his mentions up with all of the ideas. Another sample of something he may not really want, but is getting anyway:

“Bot – Just purchased: Mattel BTS V Idol Doll.”

People whose suggestions got chosen reacted with the joy normally reserved for winning the lottery.

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