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Couple Enlists 4,000 Pound Hippo to Eat Organic Jello-Filled Watermelon for a Casual Baby Gender Reveal

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Gender reveal parties can get pretty creative these days, but this family’s use of a hippo eating a watermelon stands out.

Posted by TikTok user @xyssa.jada, in a video of Bridgette and Jonathan Joseph’s baby gender reveal, a watermelon is tossed into a hippo’s mouth — the hippo bites down, and the blue color that flows out of it reveals that their baby may be a boy. Talk about hungry hungry hippos.

Filmmaker Ana Bretón shared the video on Twitter on Sept. 21, and it has garnered 6.5 million views as of Monday morning.

In subsequent tweets, Bretón shared some charming information about the family, and offered the chance for fans of the video to donate to the hippo, who resides at The Capital of Texas Zoo.

Tank the Hippo only eats the best foods, so the blue food exploding from the watermelon was organic blue Jell-O, Michael Hicks, the zoo’s director, told TIME. The 4,000-pound aptly-named animal eats watermelon and Jell-O cups as a weekly staple in his diet, Hicks says, so it only made sense to use his chomping skills for the Josephs’ special moment.

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