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Cops Blast AC/DC to Get the Reluctant Bison Moving Out of the Road and It Works Like a Charm

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If you watch enough local news or binge watch a few seasons of Law & Order, you know that law enforcement officers have to know how to handle all sorts of difficult situations. That could be negotiating in a hostage situation or quelling an angry mob, or if you’re a sheriff in Montana, knowing how to get a stubborn bison off the road.

After years of herding bison to safety off the roads of West Yellowstone, which is near where the buffalo roam in Yellowstone National Park, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office in Montana has figured out a few tricks for getting a reluctant bison moving. According to a post on the department’s official Facebook page, they can try to flash their lights or use their sirens in the hope that the enormous animal will follow traffic laws and pull to the side of the road. Or they can use an airhorn to try and encourage America’s first national mammal to move off the highway. If all else fails, though, they have one more trick: Blasting AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” through the cars loud speakers. “That usually seems to work,” the post said. If the bison still woun’t move along to that Back in Black track, perhaps they could try “Highway to Hell” instead.

The news of bison’s seeming hatred of the Australian hard rock outfit comes after a women used Metallica’s music to scare off a cougar. Perhaps someone in Florida can try blasting Slayer to try and get an alligator to vamoose.


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