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As far as party experiences go, there’s nothing worse than having a drink spilled on you right as the fun is getting started. Especially when the drink is red wine and you’re wearing an all-white outfit. So when one woman fell victim to this exact scenario at the Ripon Races in Leeds, England this weekend, her friends decided to help her out by…pouring more wine on her?

That’s right. According to Twitter user Eleanor Walton, after her all-white jumpsuit was sullied by an errant spill, her friends came to the rescue by soaking the jumpsuit with more red wine to create a tie-dye effect. “Would u believe someone spilt red wine all down my white outfit so my work girls SOAKED MY JUMPSUIT in the sink so now i have a red jumpsuit ahahahaha,” she tweeted.

Her friend Mia Williamson corroborated the story by sharing photos of Eleanor’s before and after looks. “So we’re 2 hours into the races, and El comes and tells me someone has spilt red wine down her… no problem,” she wrote. “Got some more red wine and fixed it and I think we’ve just made a new product to [Pretty Little Thing’s] festival range.”

Pretty Little Thing was so inspired by Walton and her friends’ quick-thinking that the clothing retailer debuted a new tie-dye jumpsuit to match Walton’s style just a week later.

If wine tie-dye isn’t the ultimate party trick of 2019 than we don’t know what is.

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