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The latest social media ice cream challenge is one that is actually quite sanitary.

After multiple people were filmed licking ice cream in a grocery store before putting the container back in the freezer resulting in the arrest of one Louisiana man — social media users are making light of it with a new “challenge.”

Rather than licking the ice cream in the store, leaving unassuming shoppers to scoop it up, people are sharing videos of themselves actually purchase the product, going home, grab a spoon and enjoy the delicious dessert.

“The new #icecreamchallenge,” one user wrote, before placing his ice cream of choice into the cart where it belongs.

The original June 29 viral video that made headlines featured Blue Bell ice cream.

Blue Bell told TIME in a statement that the incident occurred at a Walmart in Lufkin, Texas. The ice cream licker was identified as a teenage girl from San Antonio, the Lufkin Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Some people on Twitter have been reaching out to the brand in support of plastic covers on ice cream. Others are taking the precautionary measures into their own hands, slicing away the tops of Blue Bell containers before indulging.

The new ice cream challenge

Blue Bell can rest easy knowing that there’s still some good in the world after all — many, actually, who just want to buy their ice cream and eat it too. Here are some more good Samaritans — or, just everyday normal ice-cream-purchasing people — showing how the “ice cream challenge” should be done.

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