Marc Jacobs Proposed to His Boyfriend With a Flash Mob at Chipotle

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In a true high-low mashup, iconic fashion designer Marc Jacobs dropped to one knee at a New York City Chipotle on Wednesday night to propose to his boyfriend, Char Defrancesco.

He was backed up by a flash mob dancing to Prince’s classic tune “Kiss,” and even the Chipotle employees got in on the surprise, grooving right along with them. One of the locations of the famed burrito chain may not spell out “romance” to everyone, but Jacobs’ plan clearly worked, as Defrancesco appeared both shocked and thrilled with the turn of events.

The designer and Defrancesco, who makes high-end candles and also models, have been dating for a few years now and live together in the West Village.

While we do not have any prior knowledge of their burrito-chain preference, this stunt does beg many questions: will Chipotle be served at the wedding? Will there be extra guacamole (no charge) at the bachelor parties? Do they keep in shape by following the Chipotle diet? Is there some underlying reason that this particular franchise was chosen for Jacobs to pop the question? Did they celebrate the successful engagement with some queso? Or was this just one of those fashion moments where we, the general public, must accept that the taste and vision of genius creatives is simply outside our comprehension?

In any case, congrats to the happy couple, who hopefully scooped up a few burritos on the house (just before National Burrito Day 2018) for the free advertising.

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