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The Memes For Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Celebrate the Most Basic Feats of Human Generosity

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Drake, forever your slam-dunk meme machine, has become an inspiration for online fun again, and this time it’s emotional.

In his feel-good February music video “God’s Plan,” the rapper goes on a generosity spree through Miami, giving away exactly $996,631.90 to people in need. Think free cars, shopping market sprees and college scholarships. Truly a blessed occasion for everyone involved.

And when someone famous takes you on a poignant emotional journey, you can count on the good people of the Internet to serve up some entertaining parody memes.

Twitter users have snapped up a GIF of Drake hugging one of the lucky fans as “God’s Plan” plays, but with a twist. They’re captioning it with the most minor acts of kindness imaginable. Many of the memes run with the theme of the cash transaction.

It’s free to be a part of this magical moment. All you need to do is think of the least effortful nice thing to do for someone, like giving them your leftovers, and you can make the world brighter with a tweet.

“God’s Plan” is one of the rare songs to surpass 100 million streams in one week. The massively popular hit has been sitting pretty atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which explains why people are still having fun with satirical takes. See some of the best of what the Internet has to offer below.

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