Here’s How to Look Back on Your Complete Netflix Binge-Watching History

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The rich number of television shows to choose from on Netflix has spawned a nation of people who binge watch, eager to keep up with the latest programs coming to the streaming service.

From Netflix’s original hits like Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things to new classics like Breaking Bad and Grey’s Anatomy, which is about to wrap up its 14th season, Netflix presents endless opportunities to binge watch your favorites and make a deep dent in one’s couch. The hefty amount of content, automatic play-next feature and the pressure to watch things quickly in order to talk about the newest craze has resulted in binge-watching becoming a fairly commonplace activity, especially among Netflix users.

According to new findings from Netflix — cheekily referencing, in honor of Valentine’s Day, subscribers’ “first time” — new members on average take 12 days to start binge-watching a show, and more than 90% binge watch their first show within a year of subscribing. Most viewers finish one season within three days. To compile the data, Netflix defined “binge” as completing at least one season of a show within 7 days of starting and focused on members who joined in the past five years.

With that much television, it can be hard to remember where your binge watch journey started. Perhaps it began by trying a few episodes of The Office before it turned into a full-blown obsession, or maybe you just had to finish all of American Horror Story in one night. Netflix will let you take a stroll down binge watch lane if you go to your account page on the website, select “Viewing activity” and then scroll down until you hit the first show you ever watched. The results are fun, though a little daunting, especially if you have had an account for many years — scrolling through every television and movie choice you ever made on Netflix can take some time.

Orange Is the New Black, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead make up the top three shows that Netflix users in the U.S. binge first. The top 10 ranking also includes Stranger Things, House of Cards, Sons of Anarchy, Fuller House, American Horror Story, Family Guy and Grey’s Anatomy.

Netflix infographic
Netflix infographicNetflix

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