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The One Surprising Christmas Gift Prince George Is Asking Santa For

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Lest you forget in the midst of the new royal couple hullabaloo, there’s still a potential future king in the house for us to pay attention to. And it’s not Prince William or Prince Harry. It’s Prince George, of course, the now-four-year-old who has been a delight to followers of the British royal family. This week, his antics continued to draw attention — and this time, it’s for his single-item Christmas wish list, which his father Prince William hand-delivered to a Finnish Santa at a park in Helsinki while on a diplomatic trip to the Arctic nation.

As the Guardian reports, Prince George asked for just one thing: a “police car.” (He also indicated on his fill-in-the-blank letter that he had been “nice” this year, not “naughty,” despite the evidence of a few public snafus. But we’ll cut him some slack there.) While it’s unclear what kind of police car, exactly, the young royal is interested in, it’s interesting to note that he listed this item in third position on his numbered list. It begs the question: what are numbers one and two in his heart? For now, those remain private matters. In any case, we now know what Prince George’s handwriting looks like. They grow up so fast.

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