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President Trump’s Tweets About Puerto Rico, Military Families Rank Among His 10 Worst-Received Ever

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President Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico and military deaths rank among his worst under a popular metric for measuring responses to tweets.

It’s called the Ratio, and it refers to tweets that get more replies than likes. Since there’s no way to downvote a tweet, a high number of replies without likes is typically a sign that many users were disagreeing with you.

Because Trump has so many followers — 40 million under the most recent count, making him the most-followed world leader on the social networking platform — it’s fairly hard for him to get a bad Ratio.

Only one tweet — about “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski — received more replies than likes, the measure of a poorly received tweet.

But several tweets in September and October about Puerto Rico, military families, an Alabama Senate race and his relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson rank among his worst ratios of replies to likes since he became president.

Here’s a list of his top 10 tweets according to the Ratio, according to an analysis by TIME.

Criticizing “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski: 89,000 replies, 79,000 likes

Lamenting the failure of the “skinny” Obamacare repeal: 92,000 replies, 92,000 likes

Attacking the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico: 53,000 replies, 57,000 likes

Responding to the loss of a Senate candidate he backed: 44,000 replies, 47,000 likes

Criticizing an account of his phone call with a military widow: 63,000 replies, 73,000 likes

Promoting his Administration’s efforts in Puerto Rico: 65,000 replies, 78,000 likes

Arguing that emergency response in Puerto Rico can’t last forever: 53,000 replies, 65,000 likes

Criticizing an NBC News report about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson allegedly calling him a moron: 77,000 replies, 99,000 likes

Responding to former FBI Director James Comey’s accounts of their interactions: 59,000 replies, 76,000 likes

Responding to coverage of Michael Flynn’s resignation: 84,000 replies, 110,000 likes

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