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Why President Trump Held That Press Conference

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President Trump weighed in on everything from tax reform to the Russia investigation Monday in a wide-ranging press conference with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The hastily called event was designed to try to put an end to stories about the tensions between the two Republicans — but pretty much everyone knows better than to take their forced love-fest as it appeared. The two leaders may need each other more than ever, but there is ample distrust on both sides. Trump once again rejected the Russia investigation, blamed the Senate for the slow pace of his legislative agenda, and declined to vocally endorse the effort by former chief strategist Steve Bannon to primary moderate Republican lawmakers. Trump also falsely accused former President Obama of failing to appropriately console the families of fallen service-members, as he defended his response to the deaths of four American troops in Niger earlier this month.

Trump suggest he’s open to an Obamacare fix, but the devil is in the details. The EPA takes another axe to an Obama-era practice. And McCain unleashes on Trump’s world view.

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Sound Off

“I’m not going to blame myself, I’ll be honest. They are not getting the job done. We’ve had healthcare approved, and then you had the surprise vote by John McCain. We’ve had other things happen, and they’re not getting the job done.” — President Trump to reporters during a Cabinet Meeting on Congress

“So, the traditional way — if you look at President Obama and other Presidents, most of them didn’t make calls, a lot of them didn’t make calls. I like to call when it’s appropriate, when I think I’m able to do it. They have made the ultimate sacrifice.” — Trump makes a false allegation about his predecessors’ outreach to the families of fallen soldiers

Bits and Bites

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