Why the Corker Spat Matters

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Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a one-time finalist to be President Trump’s Secretary of State, delivered one of the most biting critiques yet of the commander in chief Sunday in response to a presidential tweetstorm. “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center,” Corker tweeted. “Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.” He didn’t stop there. In a later interview with the New York Times, Corker delivered a blistering broadside at the Oval Office, suggesting Trump’s unpredictability and refusal to listen to the advice of his top aides was setting the nation on a path toward World War III.

Corker, of course, is a Republican, and said the majority of his colleagues share his perspective, even if they’re unwilling to voice it publicly. Corker is free, in large part because he set to retire from the Senate at the end of the current Congress. But it would be a mistake to read Corker’s critique as just a reaction to Trump’s attack. He was sending up a warning signal to the West Wing that Republican lawmakers are running out of patience with the White House. Don’t expect too many GOP lawmakers to follow Corker’s lead — they want to win reelection after all — but his criticism is fresh indication that Republicans don’t fear Trump. (They fear his voters.) And that should Trump come knocking for help in the comings months and years, he shouldn’t expect blind support because of the “R” after his name.

Trump rolls back contraceptive mandate. The White House lays out its price for a DACA fix. And Pence walks out.

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