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Stephen King Says He Just ‘Blocked’ Trump From Seeing His Scary Movies

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Famous thriller author Stephen King has made the leap to film, with not one but two of his stories lighting up the big and small screens next month. But there’s one audience member he’s not interested in having watch these adaptations, and that’s President Donald Trump.

In a tweet shared Friday, King spoke out against Trump — and not for the first time. Back in June, he tweeted that Trump had blocked him on the social media platform, as the president has done before to other dissenters. Now, looks like King is hitting Trump as only he can.

“I am hereby blocking him from seeing IT or MR. MERCEDES. No clown for you, Donald. Go float yourself,” he wrote. Of course, it will be difficult for King (or anyone else, for that matter) to enforce this particular “block,” no matter what is said on Twitter.

Here’s what King wants him to miss out on, though: It, the scary clown movie, hits theaters Sept. 8. And Mr. Mercedes, a TV series starring Brendan Gleeson about a psychopathic killer and a retired detective, is currently airing on the AUDIENCE network.

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