These Glorious Photos of Bread Are Every Carb Lover’s Dream

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Bread “scoring” — the art and craft of slashing dough with a sharp blade before placing it in the oven, directing how it will expand and crack in its final form — is a classic baking technique.

It also happens to be a method that, with a little finesse, can produce some seriously artful loaves. Dusted with flour and crisp of crust, photos of bread scoring are excellent to gaze at on Instagram, a known foodie paradise where very best food pictures flourish. (Think: avocado art, latte art, açai bowl art.)

Videos of bread scoring present an almost therapeutic experience, while photos of finished loaves — often sourdough — are nothing short of eye candy for carb lovers. (If you’re going gluten-free, this may not be the food trend for you.) With thousands of photos already on Instagram under the hashtag #breadscoring, it’s one more culinary art that can be lovely to browse through.

Please enjoy these photos of museum-worthy breads.

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