Kim Kardashian Tears Up Talking About Paris Robbery: ‘It Was Meant to Happen to Me’

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Kim Kardashian West gave her first TV interview on Wednesday since she was bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

While talking on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Kardashian West began to tear up as she talked about her life-changing experience.” I know this sounds crazy, but I know that was meant to happen to me. I don’t want to start crying, but I feel like that was so meant to happen to me,” she said in an episode set to air Thursday. “I’m such a different person. I, um…I don’t want to start crying anymore. It was meant to happen to me. I really feel like things happen in your life to teach you things. It was probably no secret, and you see it on the show—I was being flashy and I was definitely materialistic before.”

In October of 2016, the reality-TV star was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room by five men who were disguised as police officers. According to reports, they tied her up and locked her in a bathroom and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Kardashian West left the incident unscathed.

After detailing the night of the robbery to Degeneres, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added that she’ll be dressing less extravagantly from now on.

“It’s not to say that I’ll never wear jewelry again or anything like that, [but] I truly don’t know if I’d ever feel comfortable. I don’t know if I’d ever wear real jewelry again,” she said. “Just…my whole life as changed as far as how I travel and security. I never thought that I needed security staying outside my door, even though I had a lot of jewelry. If you think about it, yeah, I should have had a security guard outside my door 24/7 when I’m traveling and I didn’t. Now, I have several, just for me to be able to sleep at night.”

You can watch the full clip here.

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