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A reporter had his work cut out for him when he sat down with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to discuss their upcoming movie, Life.

Instead of responding to Fox 5 D.C.’s Kevin McCarthy’s serious queries about the sci-fi movie, Gyllenhaal and Reynolds made it clear they were there to play. (Reynolds even came decked out in a Hawaiian shirt.) They kicked things off by messing with Deadpool tie pins, using them as jewelry before collapsing into hysterics. It was all downhill from there as they bantered nonsensically, Deadpool-style.

“We’re idiots, let’s be honest,” Gyllenhaal semi-apologized at one point. “This is such a useless interview, it’s so great.”

“You have nothing usable here,” Reynolds added.

“Ryan, seriously, come on,” Gyllenhaal chastised his friend at one point, even making fun of him for his inability to memorize lines. They finished up the interview by sticking their name tag stickers onto the interviewer’s jacket, and fitting in some final morbid humor.

“And the truth is, we’re all gonna die,” Gyllenhaal deadpanned before getting up to shake McCarthy’s hand. “Great to talk to you!” Apparently the blossoming bromance between Reynolds and Gyllenhaal was also an issue on the Life set, where they got in trouble for goofing off between takes. With chemistry this obvious, it’s no wonder they’re impossible to keep to business.



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