You Can Now Buy Deep-Fried Twinkies in the Frozen Section of the Supermarket

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Attention, fried food lovers and state fair fanatics: that distinctly all-American culinary specialty, the deep-fried Twinkie, is now yours to buy at the grocery store.

The sweet, cream-filled treat is usually relegated to a splurge at your county fairground, but that’s all changing as Hostess is introducing its own version of the dessert as a pre-packaged frozen good, AP reports. They’re dousing a regular Twinkie in cake funnel batter and oil, then freezing them and delivering them straight to the hands of consumers — no trip to the fair or personal deep-fryer required. To eat, you can either bake them in a traditional oven (you’ll have to wait six to eight minutes for them to reach optimal temperature) or pop them in a toaster oven or your own deep fryer. At $4.76 for a box of seven, it’s certainly a cost-effective dessert option for that throwback menu. They run about 220 calories each — which, frankly, isn’t half as bad as expected.

The Deep Fried Twinkies are in Walmarts starting Friday, so even if you missed your local fair or carnival this summer, you can get a taste of the good life any time now.


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