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We’ve got some good news, friends. The rumors about a new s’mores-flavored Oreo? They’re completely true.

The new flavor — which features chocolate-marshmallow creme filling between graham cracker cookies — hits shelves nationwide May 22. They’ll be available for a limited time, so we recommend acting fast. We got our hands on some, and let us assure you: they are delightful.

Like most of Oreo’s limited-edition flavors, they’re mostly just really, really sweet. But there’s a bit of nuance here: they actually do kind of taste like s’mores. The creme filling offers a good balance of chocolate and marshmallow. The cookie’s flavor is a bit more vague — it’s kind of like a normal vanilla cookie with just a hint of graham cracker, sort of like a Teddy Graham. So we do wish it tasted a bit more like an actual graham cracker, but it’s still tasty.

Some TIME staffers were rather impressed with the cookies, deeming it “quite successful.” Others, who really didn’t expect to like it, considered themselves “pleasantly surprised.”

One staffer gave a particularly rave review: “I had a s’mores Pop-Tart this morning, and this tastes better than that.”

Oh, there’s a chance to score a free pack of the new cookies. If you’ve made reservations to use Zipcar over Memorial Day Weekend, be sure to check the passenger seat, because you might find a special package waiting for you.

If you really want to go all out, try washing down your s’mores Oreos with a s’mores Frappuccino.

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