Watch McDonald’s Extremely Bizarre New Promos Starring the Hamburglar

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Last week, citizens of the Internet went crazy trying to come to an agreement about McDonald’s new Hamburglar. Was he a dreamboat or just plain creepy? If you’re still trying to make up your mind, check out the company’s new promos starring this contentious character.

They are, in a word, bizarre.

These videos raise so many more questions than they answer. Among those questions:

  • Does the Hamburglar always leave his house dressed in regular clothes and then later change into his Hamburglar outfit? Where does he do this? The gym? A Barnes and Noble bathroom?
  • Who are the cake and candles for? Does the Hamburglar have children?
  • What does “robble robble” actually mean? What does the Hamburglar think it means?
  • Why does McDonald’s insist on relying on the tired trope of a nagging wife?
  • What does the Hamburglar’s wife think he does for a living?
  • Does the Hamburglar really think his outfit makes him look less conspicuous than he would if he just wore jeans and New Balance sneakers like everyone else?
  • How does he use his phone’s touch screen while wearing those leather gloves?
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