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26 of LIFE’s Best Animal Covers

From LBJ's beagles to Ham the Astrochimp

As magazine titles go, LIFE is perhaps the most all-encompassing in the history of periodicals. Though the magazine specialized in facets of human life—from war to fashion and culture to politics—the editors more than dabbled in the lives of our four-legged (and slithering and winged) friends. Someone in the art department clearly had a soft spot for dogs, but mice, lorises, triggerfish and walruses all had their turns on the cover, as well. For their contributions to science and cinema, agriculture and plain old human companionship, animals more than earned their ample coverage in LIFE—though they probably couldn’t have cared less.

Liz Ronk, who edited this gallery, is the Photo Editor for LIFE.com. Follow her on Twitter at @LizabethRonk.

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Teens Are Doing the #KylieJennerChallenge and It Must Stop

While Kylie Jenner has asserted that her apparently enhanced lips are natural, teenagers have taken to harming theirs to duplicate the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s puffy-pouty look.

If you put your the lips into a small glass container like a shot glass and suck as hard as possible, you can get them to briefly swell in a way that looks like you’ve just had a cosmetic injection. But the results of this do-it-yourself method can also be disastrous, with lips heavily bruised and even tearing.

Many people posted pictures and videos of their own debacles under the hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge, which took off Sunday evening. Some are very graphic, but these are typical examples of the distressing look the challenge can cause:

The trend even crossed gender lines.

After a pair of sisters in Iceland used the technique last month, cosmetic surgeon Pordiis Kjartansdottir told the U.K.’s Metro, “The lips turn blue because blood fills up and they could easily become infected and lose all sensation. It is a really dangerous stunt and I’d advise strongly against anybody trying it.”

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New Google Doodle Honors Famous Photo of Loch Ness Monster


Fans can search for the monster on Google Street View

Eighty-one years ago, Colonel Robert Wilson snapped a grainy photograph of what appeared to be a prehistoric sea creature raising its head out of the depths of Scotland’s Loch Ness — inspiring the legend of one of earth’s most infamous monsters, Nessie. On Tuesday, Google honored the anniversary of that celebrated photo with an animated Google Doodle.

Wilson said he took the shot of the Loch Ness Monster, printed in the Daily Mail in 1934, when he was driving across the northern shore and noticed something in the water. But Wilson himself never claimed the photo as proof of a monster and disassociated his name from the picture by calling it the “surgeon’s photo.”

In 1994, then 93-year-old Christian Spurling confessed that he had built the neck and attached it to a toy submarine. The toy was then photographed by a big-game hunter named Marmaduke Wetherell to spite the Daily Mail for a perceived injustice from a previous Loch Ness Monster search.

The Google Doodle shows an animated Nessie submarine being driven by three aliens. Fans hoping to solve the mystery once and for all can use Google Street View to search for the monster.

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Scientists Claim They Found a New Species of Frog, and It Looks Like Kermit

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - March 18, 2014
Cindy Ord—Getty Images

Found in Costa Rica's Talamanca Mountains

Photos of a “newly discovered and described” translucent species of frog are going viral because media outlets say the creature looks like Kermit the Frog.

Brian Kubicki, founder of the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, claims his team has found six specimens of a type of glass frog that has been called Hyalinobatrachium dianae in the Talamanca Mountains.

“With the addition of this newly described species, Costa Rica is known to have 14 glassfrogs inhabiting its tiny national territory,” according to a statement on the center’s Facebook page.

The findings are detailed in a piece recently published in the journal Zootaxa by Kubicki, with co-authors Stanley Salazar and Robert Puschendorf.

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This Guy Turned His Boring Office Job Into a Hilarious Fake GoPro Commercial

Forget high-octane skydiving or intrepid spelunking

You know those super-intense, pulse-pounding GoPro ads that show people engaging in all sorts of aerial acrobatics and potentially life-threatening physical activities?

Well, one guy decided to grab his GoPro camera and recreate those videos to show that his 9-5 office job is just as thrilling as high-octane sports. He works in a real estate firm, as he explains on Reddit.

He goes about his daily activities — faxing, surfing the Internet, going to the bathroom, etc. — in that intense GoPro style, and the result is quite funny.

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Here’s How to Instantly Crack a Jawbreaker Without Breaking Your Jaw

Terrifying and delicious at the same time

Here’s one thing that can break a jawbreaker faster than you will ever be able to: a really hot nickel ball. Watch in awe — or horror — as green slime pours out of the rainbow-speckled orb and then browns.

This video is almost terrifying enough to make you never want to eat sweets again. Almost.

The aspiring mad scientists behind the YouTube channel “carsandwater” have also tried this trick with a block of ice (nearly 7 million views), watermelon (2.8 million) and ballistic gelatin (1.8 million).


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These Baby Opossums Eating Fruit Will Mesmerize You With Their Cuteness

They're particularly adorable as they munch on grapes in unison

You are going to feel so much better about everything after watching this 30-second clip of baby opossums enjoying a nice fruit salad. Seriously, it’s so unexpectedly adorable that it will solve basically all of your problems.

These hungry little creatures were spotted at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania. Did anyone know how cute baby opossums were? Why don’t more people know about this? Watch as they munch happily on some freshly cut fruit. Make sure to turn up the volume for maximum cuteness.


TIME Science

This Astronaut Brought a Star Trek Uniform to the Final Frontier

An out-of-this-world outfit

Trekkies will appreciate this recent tweet from an Italian astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Samantha Cristoforetti donned the uniform from Star Trek: Voyager and tweeted “‘There’s coffee in that nebula’… ehm, I mean… in that #Dragon,” referring to last week’s launch of the Dragon spacecraft, which carried an espresso machine aptly named “ISSpresso,” among 4,300 pounds of other supplies.

The tweet has racked up nearly 6,500 retweets and 8,000 favorites since it was posted last week.

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Grumpy Goose Terrorizes New York High School

Getty Images Fast-forward to the first day of high school

A pair of Canada geese decided to spend their spring break at a high school in Westchester, N.Y.

WCBS 880 Newsradio reports that the two made themselves at home in the parking lot of White Plains High School during the vacation period. The male has ruffled the community’s feathers, honking and chasing passersby in order to protect his mate, which is nesting atop a storage garage.

Besides the occasional wild goose chase, no serious injuries have been reported. “We probably had a dozen or more attacks the first few days, although it’s not as bad now,” the school’s principal Ellen Doherty told LoHud.com.

The birds have inspired science lessons and journalism class assignments, but no word on whether the geese will be going to prom.

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Watch a Cubs Fan Catch a Ball in Her Beer and Then Chug Said Beer

She has started a new Cubs tradition

At Saturday’s Cubs game at Wrigley Field, one fan managed to catch a foul ball in her cup. Then she proceeded to raise her cup to the sky and chug the foaming beer.

“I was told they were amazing seats because you can catch a lot of foul balls,” 24-year-old Krista Dotzenrod told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I was sitting there, and all of a sudden there is a ball in my cup. It fell straight in there. I didn’t know what to do.”

Everyone around her told her to chug it, so like the true hero she is, she went for it. Turns out Dotzenrod created a new tradition, because the next day, another Cubs fan did the exact same thing.

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