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You Can Now Fill Your Texts With Taylor Swift Lyrics

Taylor Swift performs during The 1989 World Tour in Tokyo, Japan on May 6, 2015.
Jun Sato—LP5/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during The 1989 World Tour in Tokyo, Japan on May 6, 2015.

Finally, you can communicate exclusively in "TayText"

If you’d like to extend Taylor Swift’s dominance to not only your eardrums and heartstrings but also to the electronic communications that make up a huge part of your daily life, boy do we have some news for you.

TayText is an app that lets you fill your texts with Swift’s lyrics via keyboard, much like you would with emojis or your phone’s predictive text function. It was inspired by the Drizzy Keyboard, which does the same thing, just with Drake lyrics.

TayText includes over 300 lyrics from 60-plus songs, allowing you to craft exchanges like the one pictured below. Thanks, Harvard Business School! (The app was created by five HBS students, according to Billboard.)

Obviously, it works with Tinder, which is probably (translation: definitely) the best possible use one could have for this thing.

Update: The app is currently not available.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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See Broad City Reimagined as a Friends Episode

Abbi and Ilana are there for each other

Broad City‘s Abbi and Ilana are the best friends on television, but are they good Friends? A YouTube video seeks to find out, pairing footage of Broad City with the Friends theme song. Turns out Abbi and Ilana’s dance moves are pretty compatible with The Rembrandts, even if their version does have a little more blood and weed.

But the video, despite being only 49 seconds long, does not stop there. It actually starts an episode of a Friends-ified Broad City—laugh track and all.

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The Internet Can’t Decide if the New McDonald’s Hamburglar Is Hot or Creepy

He will make you feel funny—one way or another

There’s a new Hamburglar in town and he’s either surprisingly attractive or totally unnerving depending on who you talk to.

According to a spokesperson for McDonald’s, the Hamburglar’s return, tied to the Sirloin Third Pound Burger, comes after an extended hiatus. He was “last seen on national television in 2002.” But you may not initially recognize him—and it’s not because his disguise has gotten any better. The revitalized Hamburglar has a human form, a thin layer of scruff and some sleek duds. He also has a family, a fact McDonald’s has already teased.

McDonald’s’ Vice President of U.S. Marketing Joel Yashinsky said in a statement to Mashable that this Hamburglar has “had some time to grow up a bit and has been busy raising a family in the suburbs and his look has evolved over time.”

To some that look is: “DILF.”

To others that look is “creepy.”

To others it’s simply ripe for various jokes, some hipster-related.

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This Photo Proves Promposals Have Officially Gone Too Far

Did "Destiny" say yes? Talk about a cliffhanger

Someone has taken the promposal to new heights.

Idaho police are looking for the person who appears to have asked someone to prom by spray-painting the Black Cliffs, east of Boise.

Climbers first noticed the spray-painted message, which reads “Destiny, Prom?” on Saturday afternoon, according to a Facebook post by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. Police described this “illegal” act as “a misdemeanor charge of injury by graffiti, punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.”

The stunt is the latest in elaborate promposals, from the student who pretended to strap bombs to himself to the one who popped the question on a Jumbotron at a college basketball game.

Ada County Sheriff's Office
Ada County Sheriff’s Office
Ada County Sheriff's Office
Ada County Sheriff’s Office
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79-Year-Old Grandmother Graduates College—Alongside Her Grandchildren

Rosa Elisa Salgado poses for a photo at the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College after an interview, on May 4, 2015, in downtown Miami.
Wilfredo Lee—AP Rosa Elisa Salgado poses for a photo at the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College after an interview, on May 4, 2015, in downtown Miami.

She graduated with honors

Rosa Salgado fulfilled her long-held American dream this past weekend—right alongside her two grandchildren.

The 79-year-old Colombian immigrant donned a cap and gown Saturday to receive her associate of arts in education degree from Miami Dade College, the same day two of her grandchildren received their diplomas from the same institution, reports the Miami Herald.

“My grandchildren, my family, they’ve grown up watching my activity and they are going to learn and fight in life and overcome obstacles,” Salgado, who graduated with honors, told the paper.

The degree is the payoff of a journey Salgado began two decades earlier when she arrived in Miami knowing little English, but determined to create a better life for herself and her family.

According to NBC Miami, the mother of three learned English, enrolled in school and took a job at Miami Dade College’s child care center, at times taking five bus routes to get to school and work via public transportation.

She also suffered a setback 10 years ago when her youngest daughter fell into a coma after an accident, and Salgado needed to reduce her course load to care for her.

“She had some personal setbacks and she beat them all and she’s here graduating. I’m very proud of her,” Sara Bulnes, one of her former professors, told the Herald.

Her family is also proud of the almost-octogenarian.

David Salgado, who graduated with the same degree as his grandmother, told NBC Miami, “For me and my family, for her to take this one step graduating, it fills my heart.”

With degree in hand, Salgado says she plans to head to work, ideally writing children’s books.

“I’m very happy,” she beamed. “Thanks to everybody who helped me.”

This article originally appeared on People.

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Watch Key & Peele Skewer Police Racism in This New Sketch

Come with the Comedy Central stars to a magical place

New episodes of Key & Peele don’t start until July—but at least there’s a new, incisive sketch from the comedically gifted pair.

The sketch begins with an all-too-real scenario: Keegan-Michael Key’s character is stopped by a cop for no particular reason. But when his head slams against the side of the police car, he travels to a dreamland called “Negrotown,” where Peele is his singing, pink-suited guide, introducing him to a place where black people don’t have to face racism.

So what happens in “Negrotown?” It’s more about what doesn’t happen in “Negrotown.” As Peele’s character sings: “In Negrotown you can walk the street without getting stopped, harassed, or beat.”

Alas—no spoilers!—the ending of the sketch is a bleak return to reality. It was nice while it lasted.

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This Is One of the Most Epic Table Tennis Rallies Ever

You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat

Ma Long, 26, and Fang Bo, 23, duked it out in a gripping rally at the Qoros 2015 World Table Tennis Championships earlier this week. The world number one Long, ended up walking away with his first men’s singles title at the event in Suzhou, a city in the southeast of the country’s Jiangsu Province. Long even jumped on the ping pong table to celebrate the victory, which makes him the 11th world men’s singles champion from China, according to the South China Morning Post.


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This Guy Had the Police Pull Him Over So He Could Pop the Question

Watch how a prank ends in a proposal

A man who got pulled over by a police officer on April 17, 2013, while on a first date asked the police department to pull him over again exactly two years later so he could propose to the same woman.

In a clip uploaded by the YouTube channel for the police department in Royal Oak, Mich., an officer tells the couple to get out of the car and asks the woman named Ashley, “Can you explain what this is?” She starts laughing hysterically, then says yes.

Police in Galveston, Texas, participated in a similar stunt, helping a fellow cop pull over his girlfriend for a broken taillight and outstanding warrants. (She also said yes.)

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Mother Cat Adopts Kittens After Losing Her Own

Mikey the cat
Kelli Nicole Photography

The adopted kittens had been abandoned

Mikey the cat is finally getting her moment to be a mom.

The 8-month-old feline from Houston, Texas, recently gave birth to three kittens, reports the Huffington Post. Mikey’s babies were born premature and weak. The cat’s owner, Hillary, tried to help the mom save the trio, but all of the kittens eventually died.

Prepared to be a mother, Mikey obviously appeared heartbroken after losing her babies. Hilary said her pet started acting depressed and would search the house for her kittens. Wanting to help ease Mikey’s suffering, Hillary called Dori’s Darlings, a local cat rescue organization.

Dori Hillman, the owner of the rescue, connected the concerned owner with Amanda Lowe and Kelli Nicole, who were caring for three abandoned kittens. Just a few days old, Teddy, Abby and Lily required constant care and supervision.

Lowe had the idea of introducing the needy kittens to Mikey. The grieving mother cat met the babies the day after Hillary and Lowe spoke, and instantly connected with the new brood.

As soon as Lowe set Teddy, Abby and Lily in front of Mikey, the cat reached out for the kittens and begin to “hug” and lick them. Minutes later, Mikey rolled over to allow the kittens nurse from her. Cautiously, each of the babies began to feed.

Lowe and Hillary were watching a new family form before their eyes. Several hours after meeting, Mikey and the kittens were playing, sleeping and cuddling together. Thankfully, Nicole, who works as a photographer, was there to document the special bond building between the new mom and her adopted kids.

Lowe left Hillary’s home without the kittens, deciding to let them grow up in the loving paws of Mikey instead.

“This was just an awful thing she went through and this will be healing for her,” she told Huffington Post.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Had a Buffy Reunion With Danny Strong

The Sunnydale High classmates met up for lunch and a selfie

Before he was co-creator of Empire, Danny Strong was lovable-but-eventually-semi-evil nerd Jonathan on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So our nostalgia sensors went off when Strong and Sarah Michelle Gellar, the Slayer herself, posted pictures of their lunch date/Sunnydale High reunion to Twitter.

It’s just like that time Jonathan presented Buffy with the “Class Protector” award at prom. Gellar, meanwhile, took the time to plug Strong’s big hit show.

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