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Arby’s Launches Bacon Hotline for ‘Tempted’ Vegetarians

You can leave a message at 1-855-Meat-HLP

Arby’s, the American restaurant that offered Jon Stewart a job and bought the oversized brown hat that Pharrell wore at the 2014 Grammys, is out with a new gimmick called the “Vegetarian Support Hotline.” Just dial 1-855-Meat-HLP, which launched Tuesday to promote the brand’s brown sugar-glazed pepper bacon.

The chain thinks the new menu item, available through July only, sounds so delicious that vegetarians will be “tempted” to eat it. When the number is dialed, there are different prompts depending on whether or not the caller has caved in. An example of the so-called “reassuring” advice that it dishes out: “Now, take a deep breath, and go make a salad.”

But aren’t vegetarians usually health-conscious people? And isn’t bacon is so unhealthy in the first place that adding brown sugar would just turn them off bacon (and meat in general) even more? Just a thought…

Also, the Internet may be interested to learn that, while there isn’t a human operator on the line, callers are supposed to be able to leave a message, so happy trolling.

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HSBC Has Fired Six Staffers Over a Mock ISIS-Style Beheading Video

A branch of HSBC is seen in Chinatown in central London
Toby Melville — Reuters A branch of HSBC is seen in Chinatown in central London June 9, 2015

The video was apparently filmed during a team building exercise

Six HSBC staffers have been fired after posting a mock execution video to social media, reportedly filmed in the style of an ISIS beheading.

The video purportedly showed a group of men in balaclavas, wielding what appeared to be a knife, surrounding a kneeling man in an orange jumpsuit. It was allegedly filmed during a team building exercise in the U.K., AFP reports.

The staff members posted the video on Instagram, according to AFP. It has since been deleted and all of the staffers involved have been fired.

“This is an abhorrent video and HSBC would like to apologize for any offense caused,” a representative of the bank said.

ISIS has released a series of gruesome videos showing the beheading of international hostages wearing orange jumpsuits. The Islamic group has executed over 3,000 people in the last year alone, according to the AFP.


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An Australian Politician Says Same-Sex Marriage Would Be Bad for Beef Exports

Question Time Underway In Canberra
Stefan Postles—Getty Images Australian Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce during the house of representatives Question Time on June 17, 2014

Discourse on the topic has officially entered a new realm

In a twist to the gay-marriage debate, Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has argued that legalizing same-sex marriage could hurt his country’s cattle industry.

Joyce, who recently made headlines by threatening to put down Johnny Depp’s dogs when they were brought into the country without quarantine, was speaking on a TV news program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

During the interview, Joyce said that Southeast Asian countries that import Australian beef see the country as “decadent” and that legalizing same-sex unions would not help with that impression. “When we go there, there are judgments, whether you like it or not, that are made about us,” he said.

Joyce said he was not making a “value judgment” about same-sex marriage but emphasized that he saw marriage as “a process that’s inherently there for the support of … or the prospect of … or the opportunity of children.”

Legislator Warren Entsch has said he plans to introduce a private bill in August to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia.


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New Google Doodle Honors Monster-Movie Aficionado Eiji Tsubaraya


Tsubaraya passed away in 1970, but his distinctive influence on special effects lives on

Want to know the man behind Japanese monster flicks Godzilla and Ultraman? Tuesday’s Google Doodle celebrates iconic film director Eiji Tsubaraya’s 114th birthday by allowing you to make your own short live action film through an interactive game.

Tsubaraya was one of Japan’s best known special effects directors. Through his monster movies, he coined a style called Tokusatsu, a Japanese form of live action film.

Tsubaraya passed away in 1970, but his distinctive influence on special effects lives on in films like Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim and even the Power Rangers.

Through a series of ten steps, the Google Doodle helps you create a series of scenes for a short Tokusatsu monster film of your own. It includes giant stomping godzillas and even a superhero to fly in and save the day.

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Here’s a Mashup of Inside Out With Inception

The trailer works better than you'd think

Pixar’s tear-jerking Inside Out has broken box-office records and plenty of hearts. But for viewers whose brains answer to another feeling missing from the film—try adrenaline—Vimeo user Nelson Carvajal has the answer.

He re-edited the Inside Out trailer with music from Christopher Nolan’s similarly cerebral Inception. The movies don’t really have much in common besides drawing inspiration from the human brain, but the footage and music mix so well you might start looking for connections.

Read next: Here’s How Christopher Nolan Avoids Writer’s Block

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Rabbits Are Disabling Cars at Denver Airport

Rabbits are chewing up wires under parked cars

Correction appended, July 6, 2015

Cars parked at the Denver International Airport are under siege by a bunch of furry menaces.

According to USA Today, one airport pilot was stranded at the airport when rabbits chewed through his transmission cables, resulting in a over $400 bill. In the past rabbits from the surrounding prairie lands have hopped into the parking lot and chewed up wiring under cars, sometimes causing thousands of dollars in damage. In prior years, the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Wildlife Services in Denver has removed around 100 rabbits every month from the area.

Some believe the rabbits are seeking shelter under the cars for warmth. The airport is has tried solutions like adding additional fencing and perches for hawks.

[USA Today]

Correction: An earlier version of this article referenced and linked to an outdated article.

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Watch a Daughter Totally Crush Her Dad in an Epic Beatbox Battle

Like father, like daughter

Nicole Paris and her father have something amazing in common. Both are incredibly talented beatboxers, able to spin complicated rhythms using just their mouths as instruments. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Nicole, father and daughter engage in an intense beatbox competition. The pair has previously battled online, and as her dad says in the new video, decided to film a rematch because viewers thought Nicole won the first round.

Her father kicks it off with an incredible verse, and the two go back and forth while showing off their syncopated skills. But opportunity knocks when her father flames out just 25 seconds into his turn, exclaiming that he “messed up.” But never fear, Nicole is ready. She takes over for an incredible two-minute medley that include beats, vocalizations and playful taunts directed at her dad.

The best part? Watching Nicole’s father’s obvious pride and joy at listening to her absolutely nail it. Like father, like daughter.


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Football Association Slammed Over ‘Sexist’ Tweet About England’s Women’s Team

The tweet has since been deleted

When men return home from sporting competitions, they’re lauded as heroes, plain and simple. But a tweet from England’s Football Association sums up exactly how female athletes are treated differently.

The tweet, since deleted, came after the England team returned home after placing in third at the Women’s World Cup, noting, “Our #Lionesses go back to being mothers, partners and daughters today, but they have taken on another title — heroes.”

While the FA maintained that it was a well-meaning message and part of a larger story on the team’s homecoming, fans pointed out that the men’s team would not be described as “fathers, partners and sons” in the wake of a third place victory, but simply as athletes.

With or without the sexist tweets, the women of Team England have plenty to celebrate: as at least one person tweeted, they progressed farther in the competition than their nation’s mens team has since 1966.

[The Guardian]

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Watch Philadelphia’s Mayor Cover ‘Rapper’s Delight’ with The Roots

Mic drop.

There’s one thing every politician should know if they want to succeed in the rough-and-tumble world of Philadelphia politics — all the words to “Rapper’s Delight.” That’s the takeaway from a new video where Philly mayor Michael Nutter jumped on stage with local boys-turned-The Tonight Show house band The Roots to perform the Sugarhill Gang’s classic rap song.

The mayor didn’t miss a beat as he spit out the rhymes on stage at the 4th of July celebration at the Wawa Welcome America! festival. He walked the stage like a pro, throwing down verses, and even dropped the mic at the end after nailing the performance. There’s no doubt that the mayor’s performance was way better than the time then-NBC anchor Brian Williams “rapped” the Sugarhill Gang’s classic. As Uproxx points out, there’s a reason that Nutter is so good at this: before he started a career in business and politics, he worked in the city’s nightclubs and had performed the song before.

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Watch This Dog Totally Rat Out Another Dog For Making a Mess

Dog on dog shaming

The only thing worse than getting caught red-handed doing something you’re definitely not supposed to do? Being sold out by a friend.

Watch as this French bulldog silently owns its shame, all while draped in a cloak of illicitly obtained toilet paper. The ostensible owner then interrogates the embarrassed pup: “Is that what you want? You want to wear that toilet paper all day long? Did you make this mess?”

The camera slowly pans over to a sitting bullmastiff, tail wagging as it contemplates selling a buddy down the river. The dog seems to make a decision, sits up and points a single paw in the Frenchie’s direction. The effect of the friend’s betrayal is clear, and makes one thing quite obvious: this bullmastiff has absolutely no chill.

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