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Watch Surfer Niccolo Porcella Survive One Of the Biggest Wipe-Outs Ever

"I got annihilated"

Big-wave surfer and all-round adrenaline junkie Niccolo Porcella has survived what some are calling the heaviest wipe-out in surfing history.

Footage shot by videographer Tim Pruvost shows 27-year-old Porcella dropping down the face of a seriously big wave in Teahupo’o, southwest Tahiti, before being sucked back up and slammed toward the reef below.

Speaking to Surfing Life magazine, Porcella, who was born in Hawaii but raised in Sardinia, Italy, described how it felt to be hurled over one of the world’s biggest waves and live to tell the tale.

“It was the most violent thing—I got annihilated,” he said. “I was bounced, pin-balled on the reef, the whole nine yards. Just up and over and up and over. It held me under pretty long. My life-vest got blown off right away, and then the second wave drilled me—I actually hit the bottom even harder. Hit my back, my knees, and then I got about four more waves on the head after that… washed over the reef.”

Porcella said when he miraculously resurfaced he spat blood “a couple of times” and incredulously went back out to catch another wave.

“The best day of my life was marrying my wife, but this, for sure, was second best. I’m coming back every year,” he told Surfing Life.

Teahupo’o, also called Chopes, is renowned for having some of the heaviest and most dangerous swells in the world and has attracted big wave surfers since the late 1990s.

Porcella’s wipe-out was so gnarly that Pruvost submitted it as an entry in the TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year category of the 2016 WSL Big Wave Awards.

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Treasure Hunters Find Over $1 Million Worth of Shipwrecked Spanish Gold off the Florida Coast

Haul comes from the fabled 300-year-old wreck of the Capitana

A Florida family of professional treasure hunters has struck gold after discovering over $1 million worth of coins and jewelry in a huge Spanish shipwreck from the 18th century, Florida Today reports.

The Schmitt family, who are subcontractors for treasure hunting company 1715 Fleet–Queens Jewels LLC, discovered the treasure off the Florida Coast in the wreck of the Capitana, the flagship of a Spanish treasure fleet.

The haul includes 51 gold coins, 40 ft. of ornate gold chain and a Tricentennial Royal, an extremely rare Spanish coin valued at over $500,000, Florida Today says.

This is not the first time that gold has been found in this famous shipwreck. Captained by Don Juan Esteban de Ubilla, the Capitana carried an enormous fortune in Spanish jewels when it sunk in a hurricane in July 1715, according to Florida Today, and has been the subject of books, documentaries and blog posts.

The Schmitts are seasoned treasure hunters, Florida Today adds, having first found gold in September 2013. They came across the Capitana haul last month, but the news of their discovery was withheld to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the shipwreck.

[Florida Today]

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There Might Be Poop on Your Cilantro

Education Images—UIG/Getty Images

The FDA has banned some Mexican imports

Guacamole fans, beware: the FDA has banned the import of some fresh cilantro from Mexico after evidence showed the crop could be tainted with human feces.

Several farms in Puebla were linked to outbreaks of stomach illness in 2013 and 2014 in the U.S., the Associated Press reports. The FDA believes they may also have caused more recent outbreaks due to the presence of the cyclospora parasite.

Investigators found that some farms had no toilets for employees, and discovered feces and toilet paper in the fields. The resulting ban will impact shipments from April through August in the coming years unless farms in the region can show that conditions have improved.


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Kittens Distract Driver, Cause Crash Knocking Out Power for Hundreds

Patricia Doyle—Getty Images

The kittens escaped unscathed

A man driving with a litter of kittens in his car was so distracted by one of the felines, he crashed into a power pole.

The accident occurred early on Monday in South Nashville, and caused the pole to fall halfway over, the Tennesseean reports. The structural damage temporarily knocked out power for about 400 people in the area. Power was restored a few hours later.

The driver was taken to the hospital, but his injuries were not life-threatening. None of those distracting kittens were injured in the car accident.

[The Tennesseean]

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This Mom Is Instagramming Amazing Meals Inspired by Cartoons

You'll just eat these up

An Australian mom makes snacks inspired by cartoon characters to get her two-year-old son Jacob excited about eating healthy foods.

Food artist Laleh Mohmedi of Melbourne posts photos of her creations on Instagram at @Jacobs_Food_Diaries and told BuzzFeed that each intricate dish only takes about 20 to 35 minutes to make (if you can believe it.)

She is the latest parent to go viral for making meal times more fun, from the mom in Singapore who makes bento boxes inspired by cartoon characters to the dad in Washington state who makes elaborate pancake breakfasts.

“GONZO & FOZZIE BEAR from The Muppets: Fruit with blueberry spelt pancakes, oats and kale, ginger and beetroot juice”

“THE LORAX: Wholemeal spelt pancakes with orange and watermelon”

“SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS & PATRICK: Eggs with free-range ham, wholemeal wrap cheese and fruit”


“3D MIKE from Monsters Inc: Pear, cheese, strawberries, blueberries and crackers”

“Owls in a nest: chicken and sultana meatballs with vegetable pasta”





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Staring at Moss Is an Actual Hobby in Japan

Viewing excursions are particularly popular among women

Next time you go on a hike, don’t stop to look at just rock formations, flowers and streams. Take some time to look at the moss as well. At least that’s what people in Japan are doing, anyway.

The latest travelling trend in the country is moss-viewing. Japan is home to about 1,600 of 20,000 moss species, and many sites around the country feature lush, rolling carpets of the plant. Takeshi Ueno, a plant ecology professor interviewed for The Japan Times, often leads moss-viewing excursions in area around Lake Shirakoma, considered a “precious moss-covered forest” according to the Bryological Society of Japan.

The trips are especially popular among women, according to Ueno. One participant on a moss-viewing expedition, Mari Sugiyama, said seeing clusters of mosses helped her forget about “competitive society.” “What I like (about mosses) is that they are surviving with toughness as they reach out for water and light,” she said.

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Nothing Will Stand in the Way of These Raccoons and Their Meal

No sense of decorum at all

Joel Rosenthal of Hillsboro, West Virginia, posted a video of three ravenous raccoons during “meal time” at his house. Two of them stick their faces — and basically half their bodies — into the bowl. Of course, no one would dare correct them and point out their bad manners – they could have rabies, right?

The video has been shared more than 1,400 times since it was uploaded to Facebook on July 21.

Someone should at least hand them some bubble wrap so they can clean themselves up.





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Kanye West Storms Off Stage at Pan Am Games

Kanye West
Ezra Shaw—Getty Images Kanye West preforms during the closing ceremony on Day 16 of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games on July 26, 2015 in Toronto.

He was frustrated by technical difficulties

When it comes to Kanye West’s on-stage antics, the question always remains: what’s next?

Canadians caught a glimpse of the future last night during the closing ceremony of the Pan American Games in Toronto. West capped his 13 minute performance by throwing his microphone in the air and storming off-stage, apparently frustrated by technical difficulties.

The choice of West as headliner for the Games stirred quite a bit of controversy. A petition to keep Kanye from closing the games was signed by over 50,000 people. Petitioners demanded a Canadian act headline the show, like Toronto’s Drake or Deadmau5.

West started his performance in near darkness, before having the entire Pan Am Dome illuminated. The rapper ran through hits from his catalogue, including “Touch the Sky,” “Golddigger,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” and a reportedly intense version of “Black Skinhead.”

The Games, held the year before every Olympics since 1951, feature competitors from throughout North and South America. This year more than 6,000 athletes from 41 countries.

The United States beat out Canada in the medal count, 265 to 217.






Lost Dog Turns Up 1,800 Miles Away From Home

Rocky turned up in Indiana two years after going missing in Arizona

Rocky the boxer must have gotten some inspiration from Homeward Bound, the classic 1993 film about three pets who make an epic journey home across America.

The dog went missing in Mesa, Arizona two years ago before finally turning up in Indiana earlier this month — 1,800 miles away from where he disappeared, reports local CBS affiliate CBS5AZ .

Brittany Romero, whose son Aden owned Rocky, received a call from an Elkhart, Indiana animal clinic telling them the long lost pooch had been found. It took a relay of 26 volunteer rescue workers to drive Rocky back to his family.

Rocky’s owners are naturally elated. “I don’t even have words to explain how amazed and surprised I was,” said Romero. “I honestly, I just didn’t think I would see him for a good while, if at all,”


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Ed Sheeran Just Landed a TV Role

Ed Sheeran Performs At Croke Park In Dublin
Phillip Massey—WireImage Ed Sheeran performs at Croke Park on July 24, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

He'll play "an ambitious and deadly protégé of a high-ranking church elder"

Everybody’s favorite red-headed singer-songwriter will soon be heading to the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ed Sheeran landed a recurring role on the FX drama The Bastard Executioner, billed as “a blood-soaked medieval epic.” So get ready for that.

Sheeran is set to play the character of Sir Cormac, who THR describes as “an ambitious and deadly protégé of a high-ranking church elder.”

If you’re wondering how on Earth Ed Sheeran landed a role on a 14th-century period drama, note that he’s a big Sons of Anarchy fan and contributed a song to the show’s soundtrack. That means he’s already buddy-buddy with Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, who’s also responsible for The Bastard Executioner.

It’s unclear if Sheeran will have any opportunities to sing in this role, but fingers crossed that he gets to provide the soundtrack to some brutal battle scenes.

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