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Try to Be Happy For the Couple That Just Won the Lottery for the Second Time

They also once won a Jaguar because...why not?

April Fools’ pranks might be everywhere on the Internet today, but this isn’t one of them.

A U.K. couple won £1 million ($1.22 million USD) from the EuroMillions lottery last week for the second time in as many years. They amazingly beat the 283-billion-to-one odds and made sure to celebrate accordingly.

David and Kathleen Long had been engaged for 12 years before purchasing their first winning ticket in 2013 that bankrolled their “smashing” wedding.

“David was always convinced he’d win big,” Kathleen told the Mirror. “It’s brilliant.”

Long, who also reportedly won a Jaguar because why not, got that feeling again last week. “I just knew it would be my turn again some day,” David Long told The Guardian.

His trick seems easy to replicate: “Just believe that one day you will do it.”

So that’s what you’ve been doing wrong.

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Good News, Homestar Runner Fans: Strong Bad’s Back After a 6-Year Hiatus

Allow Strong Bad to rant about all the dumb April Fools pranks on the Internet

Back in July, we reported that the beloved Internet cartoon series Homestar Runner would be revived — and that we might eventually be rewarded with a new installment of the beloved “Strong Bad Email” segment, first introduced in 2001. It took a little while, but we are pleased to say that dream has now come true.

The new Strong Bad Email segment is the first one since October, 2009, and it clearly acknowledges how much time has passed. He wipes a huge mound of dust off the ol’ compy to find it has been transformed into a newer, sleeker model. Soon, Homestar pops up to engage Strong Bad in a discussion about April Fools’ Day. Strong Bad, of course, insists that the Internet has ruined the holiday.

Strong Bad’s goal becomes to bring April Fools’ off the Internet and back into the real world, “where it can physically hurt people.”

Okay, so, this isn’t the best of the now 206 Strong Bad Email videos — but we’ll take it, mostly for the extreme nostalgia factor.

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These Radio Hosts Pulled the Best April Fools’ Prank on Their Coworkers

It's more than a little embarrassing

Hosts at the New Zealand radio show ZM Breakfast pranked two of their colleagues by telling them to rush into work to fill in for co-workers who had fallen ill.

The victims, who go by Jase and PJ, thought they were broadcasting to the entire country from 7-8 a.m., but actually, they were just sounding off to the officemates who were supposed to be out sick. They did not know what to talk about so they asked people to call in and tell them how much money they earn, among other outrageous topics.

Now, the entire country—and world—can watch the humiliating moment on YouTube.

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Watch R2-D2 Find Love in This Touching Short Film

The 'Star Wars' character gets his heart broken, and then puts it back together

You might think of robots as emotionless shells, but this sweet new short film shows R2-D2 of Star Wars fame as a complex, sentient being.

The film is called Artoo in Love and premiered this weekend at the Sonoma Film Festival.

“People have definitely been having real emotional reactions to it,” director Evan Atherton told Mashable. Atherton is an engineer at software company Autodesk, where he used 3D printers to construct props for the film. (He has spent the last two years building them, Gizmodo reports.)

In the film, R2-D2 deals with unrequited love, but eventually finds a way to mend his broken heart. Artoo in Love is cute — and it’s especially impressive knowing how much work went into it.

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This Map Shows What Baseball Team Has the Most Support in Your State

Facebook Fandom Map
Facebook Facebook Fandom Map

The Yankees-Red Sox divide isn't just an East coast thing

Guessing what baseball team a state supports may be easy in some cases—Massachusetts supports the Red Sox, and Georgia likes the Braves, for instance—but what about all the states without a team?

A new map released by Facebook will give you an idea, just in time for Major League Baseball’s opening day on April 5. The map breaks down the amount of Facebook likes each baseball team had from users located in particular counties in the United States.


For one thing, the divide between the Yankees and Red Sox isn’t just an East Coast thing. Turns out baseball fans in Utah and Idaho are also divided between the two teams. What about Alaska? The state likes the Yankees and Red Sox too, with the Mariners thrown in the mix.

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Watch This Guy Use a Chainsaw to Go Ice Skating

This looks both highly exhilarating and highly dangerous

Technically it’s spring, but it’s still pretty cold in Sweden, where many lakes remain frozen. Swedish skier Erik Sunnerheim decided to take advantage of the wintry conditions by going ice skating — but to spice things up, he propelled himself using a power tool. Specifically, a chainsaw.

As you watch him zip across the frozen lake, you might think, Wow, that looks fun. Maybe I’ll try that. But you’ll probably realize that this is pretty dangerous and it’s probably best to just stay inside, watching Sunnerheim from the comfort of your couch.

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This Couple Made an Awesome Action Movie as Their ‘Save the Date’

Wedding crashers, assemble!

Instead of a save-the-date card, a couple has made a video that looks like an action movie, so the entire Internet can crash their wedding, or at least buy them a present from their registry. The video starts with a scene straight out of a James Bond movie, and shows the nattily attired couple undergoing a series of wedding rituals while trying to save “the date” from a group of thugs.

The two are no strangers to show business. In 2006, Tyler MacNiven won the reality TV show The Amazing Race, while Kelly Hannigan is the sister of former WWE wrestler John Morrison.

Next video idea: wedding planning as a horror film?

(h/t The Daily Dot)

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Someone Made Katy Perry’s Left Shark Entirely Out of Peeps

Carroll Arts Center, Westminster, MD Sydney Blacksten and the Left Shark.

The giant, super-sweet Left Shark is made out of 532 Peeps

The Super Bowl spirit animal that is the Almighty Left Shark has taken many forms: meme, onesie, tattoo, and now, marshmallow masterpiece.

Thirteen-year-old Sydney Blacksten is the brilliant mind responsible for this newest Left Shark iteration. The Westminster, Maryland, teen created the sweet, 6-ft. sea creature out of marshmallow Peeps as her entry in the Carroll County Arts annual PEEPshow, reports The Huffington Post.

The yearly event encourages locals to turn their wackiest ideas into edible art using only Peeps. For her creation, Blacksten used 532 Peeps, including the new white Mystery Peeps sold only at Walmart.

Carroll Arts Center, Westminster, MD

Blacksten’s entire family, who is always scouting for the perfect Peeps, helps the artist create her final product. Mark Blacksten, Sydney’s father, told the Huffington Post that the family starts brainstorming next year’s design right after the competition ends.

This will be the teen’s fifth time participating in the Carroll County Arts annual PEEPshow. In 2014, her “Maryland Terapeep” placed second in the audience favorite category.

Blacksten’s Left Shark will be on display at Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, Maryland, for the current competition until April 6.

This article originally appeared on People.com.


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Watch 7 Really Cute Puppies Predict the NCAA Final Four Winner

They'd rather be napping

In anticipation of the NCAA Final Four, which starts April 4, Jimmy Fallon invited a team of seven puppies — who, let’s face it, would rather be napping — to pick a winner. The adorable fluffballs run toward bowls labeled with the four competing teams: Kentucky Wildcats, Wisconsin Badgers, Michigan State Spartans and Duke Blue Devils. It’s a vicious competition, but a clear winner eventually emerges.

The Tonight Show is clearly respecting the age-old tradition of employing totally under-qualified (albeit excessively adorable) animals to predict which team will win a sports championship.

Let’s hope that their predictions were more accurate than Teddy Bear the porcupine’s Super Bowl pick.


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Watch TV Reporters Fall Down and Burst Out Laughing in March’s Best News Bloopers

Another month, another collection of hilarious on-air mishaps

Remember the anchor who stared her colleague down after he mocked her outfit and called her the Hamburglar? Well, now you can watch that clip — and several other funny, strange and awkward moments — in this collection of March’s best bloopers.

There are some good slapstick moments, like the weather anchor who falls backward and utters a gentle “ow” and the reporter who sleds face-first into a large snowman. There are also plenty of uncomfortable moments when anchors don’t realize they’re on air, along with several moments of uncontrollable giggles.


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