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See Forgotten Amateur Photos Made into Art

Erik Kessels' books celebrate the power of amateur photography

No one in Erik Kessels’ latest book has a face. They have arms, sure; legs too — but absolutely no recognizable facial features. Why? In Almost Every Picture 14 is a work consisting almost entirely of scans of Polaroid pictures, ones that have huge circular holes punched right through their centers.

The images are the handiwork of a commercial photographer who worked on the beaches of Portugal in the 1980s. “He had a clipper,” Kessles says, “and he would clip a hole in the Polaroid and with the piece he removed he would make badges for the people on the beach.” When he’d finished selling, he adds, the lensman would discard the remains into a trash can. These were later discovered, and stored, by designer Toon Michiels who went on to collaborate with Kessels on the book.

This 14th edition of In Almost Every Picture is the most recent in the series Kessels has been producing since 2002. It consists of collections of amateur photographs re-purposed for a broad readership. In the first iteration, we saw vacation photos from a couple in the 1950s. In the second, we met an unnamed taxi cab passenger who has traveled across much of Europe. Later, in the eleventh, we saw a fully clothed woman half submerged in water. This is odd, offbeat work that is somehow obscure and everyday at once.

“An amateur is just someone who dares to make mistakes,” Kessels says. “Everything nowadays is pointing to perfection. The cameras on our phones, they make better picture than reality. They can document the darkest dark and the lightest light, things that we don’t even see with our eyes — which is great. But on the other hand, I like the flaws and the mistakes and the imperfection [with] amateur imagery”

Erik Kessels is a Dutch curator and editor. He is a founder of the advertising agency KesselsKramer. In Almost Every Picture is available now.

Richard Conway is reporter/producer for TIME LightBox

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This Is Why Indian Food Is So Delicious

Holger Leue—Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images Thali dinner at Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace

It's the lack of overlapping flavors, scientists say

Indian food is lauded for its curries, mouth-burning spices and complex flavor pairings. With its use of cardamom, cayenne, tamarind and other pungent ingredients, the resulting taste combinations are unlike anything found elsewhere around the world. But scientists in India have now discovered exactly why Indian food is so good — it’s the fewer number of overlapping flavors in ingredients.

Researchers at the Indian Institute for Technology examined how frequently overlapping flavor compounds factored into a dish’s ingredients. They reviewed thousands of recipes on TarlaDalal.com, scrutinizing the subtle molecular-level differences that distinguish the cuisine, reports the Washington Post.

“We found that average flavor sharing in Indian cuisine was significantly lesser than expected,” researchers wrote.

In Western cuisines, ingredients are usually paired together for their similar flavors. However, an average Indian dish includes at least seven ingredients, most of which do not contain overlapping flavors. Cayenne, green bell pepper, coriander and garam masala are usually paired with ingredients that have no chemical overlap, but each ingredient brings a unique component when incorporated into the final meal. This creates knockout dishes for a cuisine that uses approximately 200 of the estimated 381 ingredients known in the world.

Read more at the Washington Post

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See Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco in These Hilarious Stock Images

Sprinkle a soupçon of celebrity onto your next PowerPoint

Vince Vaughn and the cast of Unfinished Business are injecting some humor into the stilted, campy world of office-themed stock images.

In a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox, iStock by Getty Images has released a set of images that, if they didn’t feature the likes of Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson, could easily be confused with those ever-inspiring pictures from office PowerPoint presentations.

“We hope these images bring a smile to people’s faces as they recognise classic business stock concepts with a twist,” said Craig Peters, General Manager of iStock by Getty Images in a press release.

Twelve images will be released during a three-week roll-out plan. Check out the first four, released Monday, and decide if your next meeting could use a Hollywood twist.

Successful applauding executives sitting at the table
Nothing left to chance - Business Strategy
Business team enjoying victory

Unfinished Business, set for release on Friday, is a comedy following Vaughn and his new company as they try to land a big deal in Germany.

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This Honest Trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 Is Pretty Spot-On

"If you thought half a short book wouldn't have enough plot to carry a two-hour movie, you were right"

The clever folks who brought us “honest trailers” for movies like Gone Girl and Love Actually have a new target. This time, the Screen Junkies have offered its honest, snarky take on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1.

“From the studio who’s casually redefined the word trilogy comes The Hunger Games like you’ve never seen them before… Hunger Game-less,” the voiceover guy begins. “If you thought half a short book wouldn’t have enough plot to carry a two-hour movie, you were right.”

The main criticism here is that basically nothing happens and the movie is full of filler (like Katniss repeating “President Snow? It’s Katniss” over and over.)

Oh, and according to this trailer, the whole movie is basically just watching Katniss “do everything she can to not cooperate” while moaning about her fake boyfriend who she disregarded until he gave her a ball.

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These Surreal Photos Show the Beaches of Southern California Covered in Ice

After a freak hailstorm hit Orange County

As the rest of the country suffered through a particularly gruesome winter, residents of Southern California have been quick to remind us that they have been enjoying months of clear skies and sunshine. But a rare hailstorm Monday left miles of California’s coastline covered with nearly an inch of hail, offering residents a rare opportunity to play in the “snow.”

Here, we gathered a collection of photos from Instagram and Twitter that captured this unexpected — and totally surreal — winter wonderland.

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This Baby Will Only Stop Crying When She Hears Taylor Swift

And Tay herself loves this video

Many of us turn to Taylor Swift when we need comfort, and 6-month-old Rosie is no exception. In this video, she’s lying on a blanket, all worked up and crying about something — but when she hears the opening bars of Swift’s hit “Blank Space,” she immediately gets ahold of herself. When the music stops, Rosie begins to sob until it comes back.

Being the avid Internet user that she is, Tay has of course already seen this video and shared it on Twitter, declaring it the best thing she has ever seen:

We now recommend playing “Blank Space” to all parents struggling to console their infants.

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You’ll Actually Want to Watch Geico’s New Ad All the Way to the End

It's pretty much unskippable

When it comes to online advertising, it’s hard to get an audience to stick around to see what product is being advertised. That’s particularly true for those ads that force you to watch for five seconds, before letting you skip and get on with watching your skateboarding cat video. Geico has come up with an ingenious solution to that problem: make an ad that you won’t want to skip.

The company’s latest campaign features a series of ads that run for less than five seconds and puts the product right up front, meaning you can’t skip it. But Geico takes it a step further and actually rewards viewers with an ad that is simple, funny, and watchable and thus, really effective.

While the solution seems obvious, it’s hard to engage today’s jaded consumers and Geico has managed it.


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Watch the Strange Fifty Shades Sketch That Didn’t Make it to SNL

Contractors fix up Christian Grey's infamous "playroom"

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson, included a sketch related to Fifty Shades, but did not feature an actual parody of the movie.

We now know, however, that a parody does exist and was simply cut for time. Johnson plays Anastasia Steele, just like she does in the film, and is joined by Kyle Mooney as billionaire Christian Grey. He shows her around his infamous playroom which is currently undergoing renovations at the hands of some hilariously chipper contractors.

“We’re putting together a real nice sex room for you, miss,” they assure her. “Real nice.”

The sketch is bizarre but quite entertaining thanks to the contractors, played by Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam, who remain very professional when discussing measurements for things like “weiner holes.”

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Read Mean Tweets About Himself and His Pro-Vaccination Message

"People are taking a reasonable approach to this stuff"

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the ongoing debate about whether or not people should vaccinate their children. (Spoiler alert: he’s very pro-vaccination.) He knew anti-vaxxers “probably aren’t going to take medical advice from a talk show host” so he invited several doctors onto the show to emphasis his point.

On Monday’s night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he revealed that his segment upset some people, many of whom were angry he did not present both sides of the issue. He said he won’t do that, “for the same reason I wouldn’t present both sides if a group of people decided that pancakes make you gay. They don’t. And there’s no point in discussing it.”

So, with a nod to his popular “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment, Kimmel read some angry tweets about himself. Then, Kimmel sent his “community activists” onto the streets to spread the message that the whole debate should come down to “a child’s right to choose.”

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Watch Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Fallon Sing the History of Duets

From Jimmy to Kelly

Kelly Clarkson was recently bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t find artists to collaborate with her during an interview with BBC Radio 1, but she has finally found the perfect duet partner in Jimmy Fallon.

On The Tonight Show, Fallon mentioned hearing the interview and the second he told the audience he didn’t understand it, Clarkson appeared onstage. The duo then cut loose with another installment of Fallon’s “History of…” musical project that has seen the host rap with Justin Timberlake and mom dance with Michelle Obama.

For the “History of Duets,” Fallon and Clarkson covered everything from Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” to Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love,” Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” to Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” topped off with Paula Abdul’s “Opposite Attract.”

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