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‘Changed’ Justin Bieber Attends Church Conference in Sydney

Justin Bieber at 102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2015 in Los Angeles on May 9, 2015.
JB Lacroix—WireImage/Getty Images Justin Bieber at 102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2015 in Los Angeles on May 9, 2015.

The singer joins 20,000 worshipers at Hillsong Conference in the Australian city

(SYDNEY) — Justin Bieber credited a Pentecostal pastor with changing his life as he mingled Tuesday with thousands of Christians at a five-day church conference in Sydney.

The 21-year-old Canadian pop star praised Hillsong Church’s New York City pastor Carl Lentz, who has recruited several American celebrities and sports stars to the Sydney-headquartered church.

“I’m glad to know him. He’s changed my life,” Ten Network television reported Bieber saying as he interrupted an interview with Lentz at the Allphones Arena where 20,000 worshippers are attending the annual conference.

Bieber and friend Hailey Baldwin arrived in Sydney by private jet on Monday for the conference that runs through Friday.

“People come from across the world to Sydney each year to attend Hillsong Conference. Justin is here — like tens of thousands of others — as a delegate who is seeking to build stronger foundations into his life,” Hillsong said in a statement.

Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston said Bieber had paid his own way to Australia.

“It was a last minute thing. I really admire him for it,” Houston told Ten.

“I think a lot of things got the better of him, like happens with young kids,” Houston told Nine Network television.

“No doubt he’d probably be the first to say he lost his way in a whole lot of ways and, yeah, I think he realizes that it’s now-or-never time to try to build better foundations into his life,” he added.

Bieber’s string of offstage troubles includes reckless driving and a misdemeanor vandalism case for egging a neighbor’s house.

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This Orphaned Tree Kangaroo Was Raised by a Surrogate Wallaby Mother

Adelaide Zoo

"If we wanted to save the joey we had to try our luck"

Zoo keepers in Adelaide, Australia, saved the life of an orphaned tree kangaroo by using a surrogate wallaby mother, in what the zoo says is a world first.

The joey, known as Makaia, was left orphaned at just five weeks when zoo keepers discovered that a fallen tree branch had killed his mother. As Makaia was too young to be hand-reared, the Adelaide Zoo staff decided to try to “cross-foster” the little kangaroo, placing the joey into the pouch of a surrogate wallaby mother.

While cross-fostering has been successfully done before, Adelaide Zoo veterinarian David McLelland said that this was the first attempt with a tree kangaroo. “Not only are tree kangaroos distant relatives of wallabies, they also have many behavioural and physical differences,” McLelland said in a press release on the Adelaide Zoo website. “We had no idea if the yellow-foot would accept the tree kangaroo joey, but if we wanted to save the joey we had to try our luck.”

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Watch Marshawn Lynch Prove Just How Much He Loves Skittles for Conan O’Brien

The late-night host made the running back's dream come true

When Marshawn Lynch appeared on Conan Monday night, host Conan O’Brien seized the opportunity to let the Seattle Seahawks running back immerse himself in his favorite candy.

As Lynch’s love of Skittles is well-known, O’Brien set up an “end zone” full of the fruity candy and encouraged the football player to jump in backwards — which happens to be Lynch’s signature move.

Lynch was more than keen and, unsurprisingly, O’Brien was only too happy to join him.

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A Rap Crew Says Shia LaBeouf Ripped Off Their Verses in That Freestyle Video

This is far from the first time the movie star has been accused of copying the work of others

You know that video of Shia LaBeouf rapping? The one that went viral Sunday, where the Transformers star is shirtless and spitting what appears to be some pretty smooth freestyle while surrounded by admirers?

So does Pri the Honeydark. The MC and music producer, who is part of a rap collective called the Anomalies, took to Instagram late Sunday to accuse LaBeouf of cribbing from her group’s 1999 song, “Perfectionist,” USA Today reports.

“You can’t rip songs from my Anomalies crew, recite them in freestyle as your own, then not expect to be called out by ACTUAL MCs!… This is straight disrespect to lyricism,” she wrote.

Entertainment Weekly cites the verse “rare commodity/the quality is what it’s got to be/and my philosophy/ is much farther than what your eyes can see” as having been lifted from the Anomalies track.

To be fair, at no point in the freestyle video does LaBeouf present the rap as his own.

But this is far from the first time the movie star has been accused of copying the work of others. He most notoriously was found to have adapted his directorial debut—a short film called Howard Cantour.com— from Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel Justin M. Damiano without permission or attribution. He then apologized on Twitter by apparently copying and pasting what a four-year-old entry in a Yahoo! Answers forum entitled “Why did Picasso say “good artists copy but great artists steal?”

As for whether there’s any plagiarism going on in this instance, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

[USA Today]

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26 Million People Changed Their Facebook Profile Photo to Celebrate Gay Marriage

Drew Angerer— Bloomberg/Getty Images The White House stands illuminated in rainbow colored light at dusk in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, June 26, 2015.

Rainbows took over the social media platform

Did you notice a whole lot more rainbows in your Facebook feed over the weekend?

Well, you were looking at the handiwork of two Facebook interns – a piece of code that more than 26 million people took advantage of for Pride weekend. The rainbow filter was created by two interns at an internal hackathon the company last week, and it became so popular internally that the company asked them to refine the filter for public use, the company said in a statement Monday.

A number of celebrities jumped on board with the trend, including Elizabeth Banks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Andy Cohen, Anne Hathaway and E.L. James.

Arnold Schwarzenegger got in on the act as well, though one fan registered their disapproval, writing “What’s wrong with U [sic] Arnie? I have to unlike,” to which Schwarzenegger replied simply, “Hasta la vista.”

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Watch This Super Lucky Dog Play in a Surprise Ball Pit

He has pretty much the best owners ever

Maymo the beagle just got the treat of a lifetime: a DIY ball pit right in his living room. His owners simply pushed some couches and tables together and then dumped dozens of brightly colored plastic balls onto a rug. Then they hung back and let Maymo have at it.

Note: Maymo’s people call this the “best dog birthday surprise.” However: they uploaded this video on June 28, but on their YouTube page, they list his birthday as Jan. 15. Something feels off about that, right? Maybe they made this ball pit for Maymo just because and now they’re suggesting other people do it specifically for their dog’s birthday.

Either way, Maymo does not love his ball pit nearly as much as Grover the pug loved his.

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Lady Gaga Mistakes Chicago Mariachi Festival for Pride Parade

"Watching over Chicago Pride from my apartment and smiling so big"

In an attempt to show her support of the Chicago Pride Parade on Sunday, Lady Gaga instead championed the world of mariachi performers.

Gaga shared a photo on Instagram Sunday from the balcony of her Chicago apartment overlooking what appears to be a huge gathering of people down below.

“Watching over Chicago Pride from my apartment and smiling so big,” the “Born This Way” singer, 29, wrote. “So many happy people. Happy pride!”

In the image, Gaga goes shirtless, instead bearing the words “Gay Pride” across her chest and stomach.

The issue? The singer wasn’t anywhere near the city’s pride parade. The gathering was in fact the Chicago Mariachi and Folklórico Festival.

The event, honoring the Mexican folk music, was held at the recognizable Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park.

The parade, however, took over the city’s Uptown and Lakeview neighborhoods.

The Mariachi Heritage Foundation first caught the snafu and shared it through their Facebook page, writing, “‘So many people’ she says!”

They later had a little fun with an image of Gaga above the festival, photoshopping a sombrero on her head and ‘Mariachi’ onto her chest.

Regardless of setting, the star was still proud to support gay rights.

“This is just about the coolest things I ever saw. It feels good to know how many of my friends and loved ones are out celebrating and feeling valued,” she wrote on another pic.

This article originally appeared on People.com

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Hilarious Dad Shows How to Hold a Baby in 17 Creative Ways

He names every move, from the "Double Baby Jesus" to the "Bird on a Wire"

Unsure how to properly hold a baby? Don’t worry, because this father and expert baby-holder is here to help. Jordan Watson of New Zealand demonstrates 17 different ways to hold a baby — and he offers a clever name for each one.

Watson starts simple with the “Standard Shoulder Hold,” which can easily become the “Need to Pick Something Up Chin Standard Shoulder Hold.” He eventually shows off some more complicated moves like the “Dance Partner” and the “Show Off to Other Kids Fish.”

And don’t worry: Watson notes that no babies were harmed in the making of this video.

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Man Bought $30K Lottery Ticket by Accident

CT Lottery Bob Sabo becomes a “30X Cash 2nd Edition” instant game top prize winner.

He meant to buy a different ticket but didn't have his glasses on

A Connecticut man won $30,000 last week when he accidentally bought the wrong lottery ticket.

Bob Sabo didn’t want to wait in line at the Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield, Conn. to buy his lottery ticket, so he decided to purchase one from the lottery vending machine. He intended to buy two $20 tickets, but since he didn’t have his glasses on, he accidentally purchased one $30 ticket.

“When I got home and scratched the 30X ticket, I couldn’t believe it—we won $30,000. Winning the way we did was a very freaky thing!” Sabo told the CT Lottery.

Don’t we all wish we made mistakes like that.

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One Woman Loved Jurassic World So Much She Cried for 15 Minutes

She gave it a 15 out of 10

Judging by its record-setting box office performance, Jurassic World made a lot of people excited. But not as excited as the woman in the above video, who, according to her husband, loved the Chris Pratt-led film so much she cried about it for 15 minutes. It’s kind of hard to tell what she enjoyed through her happy sobs, but (we think) we made out the following: “There was so much about relationships, it had the theme of power through the whole thing, it’s so thematic and good … and the story of the raptors, they’re all, like, friends and stuff.”

She did have a bone to pick, however, with the Bryce Dallas Howard’s surprisingly controversial high heels in the film. “Put on some pants and tennis shoes!” she said. “That made me so mad!”

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