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This Little Boy Couldn’t Be More Excited About Becoming a Big Brother

"Is it really in there?"

This little boy was so excited when he found out his mom is pregnant that he asked her if the baby could sleep in his bed.

“I hope you’re not joking,” Ethan Bromby asked his mom, Sarah. “He can sleep in my bed if you want.”

Five-year-old Ethan is so excited about the ultrasound photos his mom shares that he can’t wait to tell his teacher.

“Is it in your belly? Just now? Is it?” Bromby asked her mom, in apparent shock. “I’m going to be a new big brother!”

Watch the full clip above.


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Neglected Horses Had 3-Foot-Long Hooves, Rescuers Say

Days End Farm Horse Rescue

The horses were found with 3-foot hooves

Rescuers discovered two emaciated horses in at least three feet of waste at a neglected farm in Maryland. The Humane Society of Washington County was alerted of the horses last Friday and rescuers took them to the Days End Farm Horse Rescue to recover, according to WUSA in Washington.

The animals reportedly had 3 foot hooves that had to be partially removed in order to transport them to the Farm. According to WUSA, the horses had likely not received medical care in 15 years.

The horses are reportedly recovering slowly, but the neglect was so severe they have to be careful.



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4 Ways to Take Advantage of Instagram’s New Photo Options


The app's latest feature makes it easier to take landscape and portrait photos. How can you make the most of this new change?

Instagram has rolled out its biggest change yet: users can now post landscape and portrait photos and videos. While the updated app offers obvious advantages to amateur photographers, these four simple tips might help you take better pictures:

1. Use the extra space to create drama
When your subject is running, flying or falling from one side of the frame to the other, a portrait or landscape photo can amplify the image’s sense of motion by creating visual space where the subject will continue moving. Subjects looking to the side, too, can continue to gaze farther across the image.

2. Play with composition and perspective
While Instagram’s prior square crop called for images to be centered, more space means more leverage for composition and positioning. Now, those shots can convey a sense of space that suggests the grandeur of a landscape or tension between subjects. Both vertical and horizontal photos can include more background without feeling cramped, providing greater context and breathing space:


3. Get up close
Those beautiful rolling hills in the distance don’t have to be the only thing in the photo any more. The added height or width allows you to further dramatize your images through a low close-up shot that blurs the background and accentuates the foreground.

4. Emphasize leading lines
The classic sunset pic, with the horizon parallel to the ground, leaves a lot outside the frame when constrained to the 1:1 ratio. With the horizontal option, you have more room for “leading lines” — paths that reach towards the main subject of a photo, such as a road leading off toward a sunset — to make your beach at dusk or moonlit mountains that much more spectacular.

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Watch This Woman Transform Into Taylor Swift 6 Times in 1 Minute

Starting with a look from 2006

MIMI is a Time Inc. property.

With the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards right around the corner, it’s safe to say we have Taylor Swift on the brain. The 25-year-old “Style” singer has become a red-carpet mainstay known for her modern twist on old Hollywood glamour. But it hasn’t always been that way — before she was serving up that “red lip classic thing that we like,” Swift was just a regular(ish), fresh-faced high school kid with a head full of curls.

In honor of Swift’s impressive beauty transformation, MIMI teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Stephanie Flor to recreate six of Tay’s most iconic looks through the years. We’re starting all the way back in 2006 during her curly-haired “Tim McGraw” days — a good three years before the infamous Kanye West incident! — and ending with the layered lob she debuted in 2014.

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

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MythBusters Puts Breaking Bad Final Scene to the Test

Could Walter White really rig a machine gun up like that?

Leave it to the team at MythBusters to put Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White’s last act of desperation under the microscope.

The Discovery Channel show recreated the machine gun booby trap that Walter White hides in the trunk of his car to take out a house of white supremacists in the series finale. Using supplies that could be found in any small town — and with help from series creator Vince Gilligan — hosts Adam and Jamie proved that the Breaking Bad ending is entirely possible.

The gun trick was Breaking Bad’s third “myth” to be busted. The hosts earlier proved that acid eating through a dead body and disintegrating parts of a bathtub and ceiling don’t work out as well in real life.

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9 Science-Backed Reasons to Own a Dog

Woman sitting with dog on jetty, rear view
Getty Images

You're more social with a dog

Loyal, protective, and always happy to see you, the dog has been a human companion for more than 18,000 years, making it one of the first domesticated animals in history.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Scientists have proof that dogs make us laugh more than cats, keep us more active than the average human companion, and even reduce our chances of depression.

So, if you need a little more convincing, or you need to convince someone else in the household, here are the cold, hard facts for why you should own a dog.

1. Dogs Make Us Laugh

People who own dogs laugh more, according to a study published in the journal Society & Animals. Researchers asked people who owned dogs, cats, both, or neither to record how often they laughed over the course of a day. Those who owned just dogs and both dogs and cats recorded laughing more than the other two groups.

2. Dogs Are Loyal

The origin of today’s domesticated house dog reaches back to between 18,800 and 32,100 years ago, when they evolved from wolves. Wolves are known for living in packs and developing strong bonds between pack members. It’s this pack behavior that’s what makes today’s dogs so loyal.

Stephen Zawistowski, a science adviser at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, explains that dogs see their human owners as fellow members of their pack and, therefore, form the same close bond with their owners as they would with their canine brothers and sisters.

3. We’re More Social with a Dog

In the UK, a team of scientists at the Universities of Liverpool and Bristol found that UK residents with dogs were more likely to encounter other dogs and dog owners than people who did not own a dog. This makes sense, since dog owners are more likely to head out of the house on walks and run into other dog owners on their own strolls.

Moreover, the average American is more likely to own a dog than the other common house pet, the cat. That’s more people to converse with about annoying dog hair.

4. Dogs Keep Us Healthy

Dogs might even protect us from poor health. Children born into households with a dog have a lower risk of developing asthma and allergies, the reason being dust.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year showed that when exposed to dust from households where dogs were permitted inside and outside, mice developed an altered community of microbes in their gut that protect against allergens. It was reported that these microbes could be what’s protecting young children from developing allergens in households with dogs.

5. We’re More Active with Dogs

Obesity is a major concern today, so it’s important to get regular exercise. Researchers at Michigan State University reported in 2011 that 60% of dog owners who took their pets for regular walks met federal criteria for regular moderate or vigorous exercise.

Moreover, elderly people who walk their dogs actually have a more regular exercise routine and are more physically fit than the elderly who walk with other people, according to a study published in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services in 2010.

6. Dogs Save Lives

Dogs are not a cat’s best friend, but earlier this year one lucky cat in Florida was saved by a blood transfusion from, you guessed it, a dog. Some dogs have a universal blood-donor type, just like some humans, and when no cat blood was around for Buttercup, the veterinarian used what was on hand, which reportedly saved the cat’s life.

Dogs can also help humans by acting as an early warning system for patients who suffer from seizures. Trained dogs can sense the onset of a seizure up to 15 minutes before it occurs and will bark when this happens, which then warns the patient to sit so to prevent injury from falling down, for example. How dogs know when a seizure is coming is still unknown.

7. Dogs Give Us a Sense of Purpose

Dogs are great companions for anyone, but especially for the elderly. In a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology, elderly who owned a dog reported feeling more satisfied with their social, physical, and emotional state than those without a dog.

8. Dogs Give Us Confidence

In another study, participants obtained a dog and were assessed after 10 months with their new canine companion. In general, the participants reported a higher sense of self-esteem, improved exercise habits, and less fear of crime.

9. Dogs Genuinely Make Us Happy

Just the simple act of making eye contact with your furry friend can release the feel-good chemical called oxytocin. In a study that measured oxytocin levels from two groups of dog owners, the group that was instructed not to look directly at their dog had lower oxytocin levels than the other group that made regular eye contact.

Another study found that dog owners who relied on their dogs for social fulfillment reported that “they were less depressed, less lonely, had higher self-esteem, were happier, and tended to experience less perceived stress.”

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

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17 of the Strangest Guinness World Records of All Time

Nigel Roddis—Reuters Grower Pete Glazebrook poses for photographers with his onion weighing 17lb 15.5oz at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in Harrogate, northern England September 16, 2011.

As Guinness World Records celebrates its 60th anniversary, take a look back at decades of weird feats

After decades in the business, Guinness World Records knows weird.

The organization, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary Thursday, has made its name designating some of the oddest and most bizarre records possible. Out of the approximately 50,000 applications it receives annually from 174 countries, 6,000 get approved. Though its annual compilation of current records comes out Sept. 10, TIME takes a look back at some of the most unusual world records that have been achieved throughout the years.

1978: Wrestlers Billy and Benny McCrary are dubbed the world’s heaviest twins at 743 pounds and 723 pounds, respectively.

1988: Blackie becomes the wealthiest cat when its owner dies and leaves it $12.5 million.

1992: Bryan Berg set the record for the largest house of cards at 75 storeys in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

1994: Daniel Bent set the record for fastest ever time in the bog-snorkeling triathlon in 2 hours, 23 minutes, 24 seconds at the World Bog Snorkeling Championships.

1998: Suresh Joachim of Sri Lanka takes the longest escalator ride, which was 140 miles long, at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Burwood, New South Wales, Australia.

1999: Gary Bashaw, Jr., set the record for most milkshake dispensed through the nose when 1.82 oz. of milk and chocolate powder came out of his nose on the set of a Guinness World Records TV program in Los Angeles, California.

2000: Ann Atkins set the record for the largest collection of garden gnomes with 2,010.

2001: Smudge, a parrot, set a record for most keys removed from a keyring by a parrot by slipping off 10 in under two minutes. In 2009, he got all the way up to 22.

2004: Chad Fell blew the largest bubblegum bubble at 20 in. at the Double Springs High School in Winston County, Alabama.

2008: Kevin Shelley set the record for most toilet seats broken by one’s head in one minute by shattering 46 in Cologne, Germany.

2009: Melvin Boothe had the longest finger nails on a pair of male hands ever at 32 ft. 3.8 inches when they were measured in Troy, Michigan.

2011: Pete Glazebrook shows off the world’s heaviest onion, weighing 17 pounds, 15.5 ounces at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in Harrogate, northern England.

2012: Val Kolpakov of Alpharetta, Georgia, has been recognized for the largest collection of toothpaste tubes at 2,037.

2013: Hip-hop artist Big Freedia set a record for most people twerking simultaneously when she led 358 dancers for two minutes straight in New York City’s Times Square.

2014: Ranmaru, an Australian Labradoodle, boasts the longest eyelashes on a dog at 6.69 in.

2015: 12,975 dancers set a record for the world’s largest Zumba class in Mandaluyong, a city just outside the Philippine capital, Manila.

Date N/A: Micronecta scholtz, a type of aquatic freshwater insect, has been recognized for having the loudest penis at 99.2 decibels, described as “equivalent to sitting in the front row listening to a loud orchestra playing.”

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Watch Serena Williams Sing ‘Under the Sea’ at U.S. Open Karaoke

The ultimate warm-up

You already knew Serena Williams was great at tennis, but did you know she moonlights as a karaoke star? On Wednesday night in New York City, to prepare for the upcoming U.S. Open, the tennis champ showed off her vocal skills at a Delta-sponsored karaoke event.

She told the Associated Press she was more nervous about her song choice than her tennis game.

“I’m going to make a game time decision,” she said. “I always get so nervous every year like, ‘I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do.'”

The 33-year-old athelete ended up chooing a Disney classic: “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. Last year, she went a different route with “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”:

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Finally, Here’s Your Chance to Live in the Mansion From The O.C.

Pacific Palisades Brokerage

Ready to be an honorary Newpsie?

It’s been eight years since The O.C. ended, and our long national nightmare of facing a world without Sandy Cohen’s deeply expressive eyebrows began. But there’s hope for us yet, at least those of us who have several million dollars to blow on real estate: The house that served as the exterior for the Cohen’s grand Newport Beach mansion is for sale. All you’ll need to pick it up for yourself is about $6.25 million and a strong sense of early aughts nostalgia.

A few caveats, though: The house isn’t actually located in Newport Beach, but in Malibu. There’s no pool house on the property, which means there’s no brooding juvenile delinquent with a penchant for wife-beaters and punching things on the property, either. Most tragically, there’s no Seth Cohen hanging around the manse, ready to engage in wry, pop-culture laden banter at all hours of the day. According to Trulia, the house does offer “intense privacy for residents who want to avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi…or evil surfer dudes named Volchuk,” as well as six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a chef’s kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances—though Kirsten never cooked, so why would you, similarly rich and gorgeous person?

The four-acre estate also boasts a sunroom, a library, a home office, the ghost of Caleb Nichol (dude had some unfinished business) and the ability to have something interesting to share about yourself at every party for the rest of your natural life.

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Watch a Baby Orangutan Named Khaleesi Stand Up For the First Time

Before her loyal human subjects

This spring, the El Paso Zoo’s O.G. orangutans Ibu and Butch welcomed a new baby, which they named after their favorite Game Of Thrones character, Khaleesi, played by tangentially related mammal Emilia Clarke.

This week marked Khaleesi’s public debut, meaning after she spent a few months “bonding with Ibu behind the scenes,” she was finally ready to eat, sleep and chew pieces of the ground in front of her loyal human subjects. On Tuesday, Khaleesi deigned to perform yet another impressive action before her prostrating crowd of admirers: Stand up.

For her next trick, Khaleesi will take back what was stolen from her and destroy those who wronged her. Keep up with her developmental progress and Dothraki lessons at Ibusmommyblog.com.

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