The Ladies of Litchfield Are Back on a New Poster for Orange Is the New Black

The inmates summon prayers on the show's latest art


Believers might pray to a saint candle to ward off evil spirits, protect a pregnancy or summon a miracle. But it’s not clear what you might wish for upon lighting a candle emblazoned with the face of Daya, Alex, Piper, Crazy Eyes or Red, characters returning on the third season of Orange Is the New Black, which debuts on Netflix June 12.

The show’s new art is rife with religious references, from the candles to the tagline — “The Third Coming” — which is clearly as much an allusion to the inmates’ dalliances as it is to their hope for salvation. A close look reveals a series of details specific to each character’s storyline: Piper’s broken engagement, Daya’s secret prosthetic-legged lover and Crazy Eyes’ beloved is-she-or-isn’t-she-dead villain Vee, characterized with roses.

A previously released trailer and clip have hinted at plot developments viewers can expect this season. Big Boo has a new ‘do, a new crop of inmates has shaken up the Litchfield ecosystem and Piper’s one-time love and intermittent life-ruiner Alex Vause is back behind bars. And if this new poster is any indication, the inmates will be seeking both redemption and pleasure, likely in equal measure.

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This Little Boy’s Reaction to a Dandelion Is Totally Delightful

His laugh is infectious

Tom Fletcher, a blue-haired singer and guitarist known for performing with bands McFly and McBusted, has shared a video of his son Buzz seeing dandelions for the first time. Watch the little guy crack up repeatedly as his father blows at the florets and sends them flying. Though judging by how hard it is to break apart the last dandelion in this clip, it seems like the youngster is more amused by the sounds his father is making. The sweet moment has racked up nearly a million views since it was uploaded to YouTube two days ago.


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Hear ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ Reimagined as a New Orleans Jazz Tune

The Darkness gets a swinging Big Easy makeover

Scott Bradlee has an ear for reinvention. The composer behind Postmodern Jukebox can hear a 1970s-inspired rock song performed by a frontman in a bell-bottomed unitard, for example, and breathe new life into it as a New Orleans jazz ditty. This cover of the Darkness’ 2003 hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” is a perfect example of how Postmodern Jukebox keeps listeners on their toes through the unexpected nature of its genre mash-ups.

Fans of The Voice might recognize singer Maiya Sykes from her early elimination on the show’s seventh season. With a horn section and upright bass replacing the original song’s flamboyant guitar solos, the cover conjures a smoky after-hours club from decades past.

Postmodern Jukebox’s U.S. tour begins this week. The Darkness, incidentally, will release a new album June 1.

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16 Ways People Have Tried to Destroy Their Apple Watches

See what happens when a car runs over one

While some people are desperate to get their hands on Apple Watches, others are already trying to destroy them.

Watch CNET journalist Sharon Profis, host of this torture exercise, try whacking it with a seven-pound cast-iron skillet, rubbing it against different kitchen graters, stepping on it repeatedly and submerging it in cold and boiling water. Profis also dunks the timepiece in red wine and coats it in various condiments such as soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, peanut butter and Nutella.

Meanwhile, a Canadian tech blog (MW Technology on YouTube) tried hitting it with a rubber mallet, irreparably scratching it with various razor-sharp blades, a bagful of keys and against a stone column, before finally running it over with a car:

The gadget was also subjected to a 15-minute cycle in a washing machine:

And another YouTube user TechRax — known for boiling an iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola — pulled a less dramatic stunt, simulating what would happen to an Apple Watch with a blue sport band if someone accidentally dropped the gadget in such a way that it hit the ground face-first.

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Watching This Woman Meet Her New Puppy Will Definitely Make You Cry

Puppy love at first sight

A 30-second clip of a woman sitting on a mattress and playing with her new puppy has racked up more than a million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on April 25.

It is definitely not the most dramatic reaction to a new puppy out there on the web. For instance, just watch this little girl scream her head off when her mom buys her one or this grandmother cry with happiness over her new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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This Compilation of News Bloopers From the 80s and 90s Is Positively Absurd

And features so much big hair

If you need a little Monday pick-me-up, we recommend taking seven minutes and watching this ridiculous compilation of the best news bloopers from the 80s and 90s. The clips feature plenty of inappropriate laughing, technical difficulties and double entendres — but all with a retro flair.

Some of the bloopers are so ridiculous (and, warning, profanity-ridden) that you might wonder if they were staged. Either way, they’re all still hilarious. Enjoy.

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Wimbledon Bans Selfie Sticks

Dan Kitwood—Getty Images Jocelyn Rae of Great Britain poses for a selfie with fans after her Mixed Doubles first round match with Colin Fleming against Scott Lipsky of the United States and Jie Zheng of China on day five of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 27, 2014 in London, England

Organizers cited the much-maligned accessory's "nuisance value"

The Wimbledon tennis tournament has banned selfie sticks.

The Sunday Times reports that the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club referred the “nuisance value” of the accessory (a monorod that is supposed to make taking selfies on cell phones easier) in a statement and said the fans will be prohibited from bringing them into the Grounds so as not to “interfere with spectators’ enjoyment.”

In the last few months, art museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) have also banned the device because of concerns that visitors waving selfie sticks could damage the artworks.

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Watch Sesame Street’s Perfect Avengers Parody

The superheroes come together to save the world's vegetables

Just in time for the highly anticipated premiere of The Avengers: Age of Ultron this Friday, Sesame Street decided to spoof the movie. The parody is called The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon and in it, a team of vegetable-themed superheroes ban together to battle a villain known as Bon Bon, who plans to destroy all the healthy foods in the world. Everything is going fine for Onion Man, Captain Americauliflower, Black Bean Widow, Mighty Corn and Zuchin-eye until Doctor Brownie (Cookie Monster) gets distracted by the edible costumes.

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Watch This Kid Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 5.25 Seconds

Collin Burns broke the world record

A teenager has beaten the world record for fastest solution of a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube, completing the puzzle in just 5.25 seconds.

Although the World Cube Association (WCA) has not yet updated its website, it confirmed to Mashable that the young man, Collin Burns, is the new record-holder. Burns completed the task at an official WCA event in Doylestown, Penn. The previous champion was Mats Valk of the Netherlands, who unscrambled a cube in 5.55 seconds.


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What To Wear on Your Vacation to Cuba

Inspiration from a 1950s LIFE photo shoot on Cuba's beaches

Since travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba were eased in January, Americans have begun plotting to visit the country before outside influence threatens to dull its history. Though American travelers need a reason other than tourism to make the trip—business or family visits, for example—that doesn’t mean many haven’t already yanked the suitcase from the closet and started digging for the passport.

But what to wear once you arrive on the island’s pristine beaches? These beach fashions from a 1950s LIFE photo shoot in Cuba are a good place to start. Gordon Parks took the photos in 1958, the year before American imports to Cuba ceased and, consequently, the year of a good portion of the Cadillacs and Thunderbirds that still cruise Havana streets. With its vibrant colors and flattering cuts, this beachwear is prime for a comeback—perhaps with the exception of the technicolor Pippi Longstocking wigs.

Liz Ronk, who edited this gallery, is the Photo Editor for LIFE.com. Follow her on Twitter at @LizabethRonk.

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