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Zayn Malik Thanks One Direction Bandmates in First Public Appearance Since Split

Zayn Malik
Joel Ryan—Invision/AP Zayn Malik poses for photographers upon arrival at The Asian Awards in central London, April 17, 2015.

"Everything I've done with them will stay with me for the rest of my life"

This is not a drill.

Zayn Malik attended the Asian Awards in London on Friday in his first public appearance since leaving One Direction, reportedly thanking his bandmates in an acceptance speech.

“I’d like to thank my mum and dad, and I’d also like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys I’ve ever met, everything I’ve done with them will stay with me for the rest of my life,” he told the audience, according to Now Daily.

The singer is also sporting a brand new look. His hair, which had previously been shaved into a viking ponytail, was completely buzzed off at the event.

Malik’s new nose ring, too, was on display. The stud in his left nostril was first seen when British music producer Naughty Boy Tweeted out a photo late Thursday, leading to mass Directioner hysteria.

(Especially given Naughty Boy’s tendency to “wind up” One Direction’s fans, as Malik’s former bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, once accused.)

The singer, 22, appeared at the awards with his mother, Trisha, as his date.

In other 1D news, Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan attended a Great Gatsby-themed event on Thursday to benefit Trekstock, a cancer charity for which both Payne and Harry Styles act as ambassadors

Payne, 21, has been doing his part to raise funds for the charity via Prizeo by offering updated One Direction merchandise (that is, without Malik pictured) and the chance to spend time with the band at an upcoming show on their On the Road Again tour.

Since the band took a break from their world tour earlier this month, Styles, 21, has taken up residence in Los Angeles. OTRA will pick back up in Cardiff, Wales, on June 5.

This article originally appeared on People.com

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Everything to Know About Suge Knight As He Turns 50

Suge Knight arrives at the NFL Draft Inauguration Party hosted by Desean Jackson and Fred Davis at Sugar nightclub on April 29, 2008 in Hollywood.
Jesse Grant—Getty Images Suge Knight arrives at the NFL Draft Inauguration Party hosted by Desean Jackson and Fred Davis at Sugar nightclub on April 29, 2008 in Hollywood.

What to know about the former Death Row Records head, who celebrates his birthday while facing a murder charge

The 1990s hip hop mogul is spending his 50th birthday in jail as he faces a murder charge, but the latest legal drama is just part of a troubled past. Here’s what you need to know.

How to say his name: Suge is pronounced like sugar, which is where he gets the moniker from—Sugar Bear was a childhood nickname. He was born Marion Hugh Knight Jr. in Compton, Calif., to Maxine and Marion Knight Sr. on April 19, 1965.

Why he’s famous: He’s best known for co-founding Death Row Records, the gangsta rap hub that was home to artists such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and many others in the 1990s. But he’s as famous, if not more so, for his repeated run-ins with the law (of which there are many timelines) that continued even after Death Row declined (thanks in part to a five-year prison stint related to an assault and the exodus of several artists from the roster in the wake of Tupac’s murder). Death Row Records filed for bankruptcy in 2006.

His current legal drama: Knight was charged with murder, attempted murder, and two hit-and-run counts this year after a January incident in which he allegedly put his car in reverse and ran over two men, killing one of them. The confrontation was reportedly a continuation of an argument that took place on the set of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton (in which Knight is played by R. Marcus Taylor). Knight has pleaded not guilty to the charges. His attorney says Knight was behind the wheel but that he was trying to flee out of fear for his life. Knight’s health in the months since has made headlines, too: He’s been hospitalized multiple times since being charged, as recently as this week.

His sports past: Knight played football throughout college and had a very brief NFL career. He was cut from the Los Angeles Rams during training, but he went on to play two games for the the team as a replacement in 1987 during the NFL’s players’ strike. It was after that that he got into music, working as a concert promoter and a bodyguard for Bobby Brown.

Famous feuds: Knight had a reputation for allegedly using brute force to conduct business in the 1990s. He was rumored to have dangled Vanilla Ice off a balcony in order to get him to sign over “Ice Ice Baby” royalties (one of Knight’s clients co-wrote the song but hadn’t been paid), though the rapper and others have denied the story.

A few years later, Knight ignited rap’s west coast-east coast rivalry when he took shots at Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs of Bad Boy Records in an acceptance speech at the 1995 Source Awards. “Any artist out there that want to be an artist and stay a star, and don’t have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos … come to Death Row,” he said.

In 1996, Knight was behind the wheel of the car Tupac was murdered in during a drive-by shooting, and rumors that Knight orchestrated both Tupac’s death and the later murder of Notorious B.I.G. rank among the greatest conspiracy theories in hip-hop. Knight has never been charged in either shooting and has denied any involvement. His relationship with Snoop Dogg declined after that, and the two exchanged harsh words in the media for several years before burying the hatchet in 2013.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Recovering From Quadruple Coronary Bypass Surgery

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network And Stand Up To Cancer Discuss The Importance Of Cancer Research
Paul Morigi—WireImage/Getty Images NBA hall-of famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speaks at The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and Stand Up To Cancer discussion on the importance of cancer research at Cannon House Office Building in Washington on March 17, 2015.

Doctors said the basketball legend was on track to a full recovery

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar underwent what his doctors are calling a successful quadruple coronary bypass survey on Thursday.

The operation was performed by Dr. Richard Shemin, UCLA’s chief of cardiac surgery, after Abdul-Jabbar, a TIME columnist, was admitted to the hospital this week with cardiovascular disease. Sherman said in a statement that he expected Abdul-Jabbar, 68, to make a full recovery.

“At this time, Abdul-Jabbar would like to thank his surgical team and the medical staff at UCLA, his alma mater, for the excellent care he has received. He is looking forward to getting back to his normal activities soon,” read a statement from the hospital.

“He asks that you keep him in your thoughts and, most importantly, cherish and live each day to its fullest.”

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Victoria Beckham’s Most Memorable Looks

In honor of her 41st birthday

Fashion designer, singer, mother … model? Leave it to Victoria Beckham to be the most stylish walking advertisement of all time. The Spice Girl-turned-acclaimed fashion designer is celebrating her 41st birthday today, and we’re taking a look back at her most memorable sartorial moments in honor of it.

Whether on the street, at the airport, or on the red carpet Beckham always has impeccable outfits—and more often than not she’s donning her own designs. And when it comes to developing your personal style, Beckham has an important tip to keep in mind. “At the beginning, you should try everything. Good, bad, awful,” she previously told InStyle. “As you get older, you start getting a good idea of what suits you. Trust your gut, not a stylist or a rule maker.”

One thing’s certain: Victoria Beckham will always be fashionably Posh to us.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.com.

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Watch an ESPN Reporter Freak Out at a Car Impound Attendant

"Lose some weight, baby girl"

ESPN’s Britt McHenry has been suspended after a video of her cursing at a worker at a car impound went viral.

“I’m in the news, sweetheart, I will f***ing sue this place,” McHenry says to the attendant at Advance Towing in Arlington, Virginia. She goes on to berate the attendant for her appearance and job, saying, “Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? Cause they look so stunning … Cause I’m on television and you’re in a f***ing trailer, honey.”

ESPN suspend McHenry after the rant, and McHenry took to Twitter to apologize:

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Josh Hartnett Reveals He Regrets Turning Down Batman

The Batman part was ultimately given to Christopher Bale

Actor Josh Hartnett is a Hollywood star, but he says he says some career regrets. The Black Hawk Down star told Playboy this week that he should have grabbed the Batman role in Christopher’s Nolan remake.

“Relationships were formed in the fire of that first Batman film and I should have been part of the relationship with this guy Nolan,” he said.

The Batman part was ultimately given to Christopher Bale, who played the role throughout the trilogy. Bale also starred in Nolan’s film The Prestige.

“I was so focused on not being pigeonholed and so scared of being considered only one thing as an actor,” Hartnett said. “Watching Christian Bale go on to do so many other things has been just awesome. I mean, he’s been able to overcome that. Why couldn’t I see that at the time?”

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Ryan Gosling Might Star in the Blade Runner Sequel

"Lost River" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Foc Kan—FilmMagic Ryan Gosling attends the 'Lost River' premiere

The actor is in negotiations to star in the 'Blade Runner' sequel alongside original star Harrison Ford

Fans everywhere are swooning at the thought of a Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford bromance onscreen — Gosling is in talks to star in the Blade Runner sequel.

The sequel, directed by Denis Villeneuve, will take place many years after the end of the 1982 original in which Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard was tasked with hunting down and killing machines that are almost identical to humans, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ford will be reprising his role in the sequel.

Principal photography for the film will start in the summer of 2016.

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Group of Doctors Tells Columbia University to Fire Dr. Oz

Ten doctors wrote a letter urging Columbia University to fire Dr. Mehmet Oz saying he "endangers" the public

A group of doctors has written a letter urging Columbia University to fire Dr. Mehmet Oz from its faculty.

“Dr. Oz has repeatedly shown disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine, as well as baseless and relentless opposition to the genetic engineering of food crops,” said the letter addressed to Columbia’s Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine, reports CBS. “Worst of all, he has manifested an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain.”

Oz is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon and vice-chair of the department of surgery at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, but he’s also a television personality with The Dr. Oz Show. And according to medical experts, only 46% of the recommendations on his show were supported by evidence.

The letter, authored by a doctor at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and co-signed by nine other doctors, ends, “Whatever the nature of his pathology, members of the public are being misled and endangered, which makes Dr. Oz’s presence on the faculty of a prestigious medical institution unacceptable.”

A university spokesman emailed the doctors in response, stating: “As I am sure you understand and appreciate, Columbia is committed to the principle of academic freedom and to upholding faculty members’ freedom of expression for statements they make in public discussion.”

Read next: Lawmakers Caution Dr. Oz on Weight-Loss Tips

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ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Suspended After Foul-Mouthed Rant

ESPN confirmed Thursday had suspended McHenry for a week

ESPN suspended reporter Britt McHenry after a video of a foul-mouthed rant went viral on Thursday.

“I’m in the news sweetheart, I will f***ing sue this place,” McHenry can be seen telling a worker at Advance Towing in Arlington, Va., after her car was impounded.

The 28-year-old also criticized the woman’s appearance telling her to “lose some weight, baby girl,” and asking, “Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? Cause they look so stunning … Cause I’m on television and you’re in a f***ing trailer, honey.”

The Washington, D.C.-based reporter also accused the attendant of being stupid…

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Read Tom Brady’s Heartfelt Letter to Wife Gisele Bündchen on Her Retirement

"Your beauty runs much deeper than what the eye can see."

Tom Brady penned a social media mash note to his model wife Gisele Bündchen on Thursday, a day after she announced her retirement from fashion show modeling.

In a Facebook post, the New England Patriots quarterback shared a photo of his wife with a note of fulsome praise: “I have never met someone with more of a will to succeed and determination to overcome any obstacle in the way.”

Forbes named the 34-year-old Bündchen the highest-paid model of 2014, and estimated she brought in $47 million that year. Although Bündchen is retiring from the runway, the Instagram post she used to announce her decision indicates she will still work in other areas of the fashion industry:

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