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Watch This TV Reporter Get Hit in the Head by a Flying Skateboard

Mike Amor will be wary of flying skateboards in the future

Mike Amor, the U.S. bureau chief for Australia’s Seven Network, was reporting from a skate park in Los Angeles when a rogue skateboard walloped him in the head. From the looks of the people around it was pretty painful, but displaying true antipodean pluck, Amor walked away with just a bump.


Google Doodle Celebrates Corita Kent, Feminist Nun Turned Artist


It would have been her 96th birthday

Google celebrated what would have been the 96th birthday of artist Corita Kent on Thursday — also known as Sister Corita Kent.

In 1936, Kent started her career as a Catholic nun. She began taking art classes, and received a masters in art history — chairing the art history department at Immaculate Heart College. In 1968, she left the order and decided to pursue a full-time career as an artist.

Kent was known for her silk screens, and she often juxtaposed spiritual writing alongside symbols of consumerist culture. She was a well-known activist, fighting for civil rights, anti-war causes, and women’s rights.

She died in 1986.

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Watch a Comedian’s Spot-On Impressions of Celebrities Stuck in Traffic

She imitates everyone from Taylor Swift to Angelina Jolie to Sofia Vergara

In this video, comedian Lauren O’Brien shows off her impressions of 14 female celebrities by imagining how they’d act while stuck in traffic.

What really sold us was her Sofia Vergara, about 25 seconds in, when she yells angrily at someone in the street. (Really, the way she yells “Ay” is flawless.) Some of her impressions are of course better than others, but overall, this is a very solid effort. (Her Taylor Swift, for instance, is not the best, but her Olsen twins impersonation is pretty great.)

In some cases, she makes herself not only sound like the celebrity, but also really look like them, like her Angelina Jolie impersonation at the end of the video. It’s kind of uncanny.

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This Honest Little Mermaid Trailer Takes the Disney Movie to Task

“If by love you mean acting like a clueless mute brat so an older guy will make out with you”

Disney doesn’t exactly have a reputation for making forward-thinking, feminist movies, although some would argue they’re making strides to correct that. And The Little Mermaid, which turns 25 this week, has inspired arguments on both sides of the debate (it’s feminist because Ariel is Eric’s savior, it’s anti-feminist because it praises young, beautiful women while vilifying old, ugly women). This new “honest trailer” lands squarely on the anti-feminist side, taking the movie to task not only for its prioritization of vanity, but also for being “whimsically fascist” and bastardizing the very notion of love.

Renaming the film “The Little Waistline,” the parody joins dozens of others by Screen Junkies meant to “tell you the truth about your favorite movies and TV shows.” They’re more likely to make you laugh, but they just might make you reconsider exactly what it is you’re nostalgic for.

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This Might Just Be the Most Absurd Music Video Since ‘Gangnam Style’

The song is called "Chick Chick" and we have Chinese singer Rong "Rollin" Wang to thank for this

South Korean rapper Psy set the bar pretty high for totally absurd yet totally hypnotic music videos that become global phenomena with his 2012 smash hit “Gangnam Style.” It’s just going to be really tough for anyone to beat that — but it looks like one singer in China is trying.

Seriously, it’s gonna be tough. The “Gangnam Style” video has 2.1 billion views. Let that sink in.

But anyway, this valiant effort comes from Chinese pop star Rong “Rollin” Wang for the song “Chick Chick.” The video features women in sexy bird costumes line dancing, many animated farm animals, and men wearing nothing but tiny white shorts, knee socks and animal masks. Also, a whole bunch of chicken sounds.

So far, the video has racked up 6 million views, so it has a long way to go until it matches “Gangnam Style” levels of world domination. But it certainly has the raw materials.

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Breaking Bad Gets the Perfect Frozen Parody: ‘Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?’

Walter White makes for a surprisingly emotional Disney princess

In this parody by Animeme, the Frozen song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” gets the Breaking Bad treatment with Walter White knocking on Jesse Pinkman’s door, pleading, “Do you want to build a meth lab?”

In a style that owes much to South Park‘s epic musical numbers, the most unsentimental topics — meth, money and murder — ooze sentimentality. When Walt pleads, standing outside Jesse’s closed door, “We built this empire together — it’s all we have,” it’s hard not to get a little misty-eyed. The video captures a great deal of the five-season story arc in three short minutes, staying true to the shots in the original Frozen scene.

If only Jesse could have traveled back in time and said no.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Tries to Get Jimmy Fallon to Say ‘Booty’

Spoiler alert: Kim Kardashian gets discussed

Did you experience varying stages of grief when the Benedict Cumberbatch announced his November engagement? Well here’s something to temporarily numb the pain: It turns out that he probably would have been really bad at couples game night.

When on Jimmy Fallon Monday, the actor was asked to play the “Three Word Game.” The rules are simple: you have to make your opponent say a keyword using only three words. Fallon accomplished the goal with relative ease. Cumberbatch, on the other hand…

Here are some of the clues he gave Fallon for the word “booty”:

  • “You’ve got to shake…” (that’s four words, but whatever)
  • “Shake the shake…” (if at first you don’t succeed…)
  • “At the top…” (clearly not ready for this jelly)

Finally he got to the right territory, saying “A beautiful big,” inspiring Fallon to say “Kim Kardashian’s butt.” After a couple more attempts, booty was revealed.

Who are we really kidding, though. We would still offer to pair up with Cumberbatch for a rousing game of Scrabble or Taboo anytime.

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This Couple Tricked Everyone Into Being in Their Pregnancy Announcement

They created a brilliant keepsake

Katharine and Kris Camilli wanted to tell their friends and family that Kat was pregnant, but they didn’t want to send a boring old email or post a boring old picture of an ultrasound to Facebook and wait for the comments to roll in. They wanted real life human interaction and presumably, real hugs, not just the Facebook version of them.

The couple devised a clever, but simple scheme to capture that moment. They got their friends and family together and had them pose together for pictures, but instead of saying “Cheese!” they had them say, “Kat’s pregnant!” With a little sleight of hand, the cameras were set to video instead of photo and the reactions to the announcement were all caught on film.

Kat’s sister edited the various videos together and uploaded the completed clip to YouTube as an incredible digital keepsake for the family — and a great idea for other soon-to-be parents.

[H/T Uproxx]

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Husband Secretly Tapes Wife Breaking It Down to Salt N’ Pepa

The flow is strong with this one

If you want to sing along to Salt N’ Pepa’s “None of Your Business” in your car and bust out a few dance moves while you do it, that’s nobody’s business but your own— unless it turns out your husband is secretly taping your expert flow, and then the video goes viral.

A woman was just trying to show off her secret rap powers and enjoy a little car karaoke complete with adorable shoulder-dusting maneuver and well-choreographed hand moves, when she realizes her husband is playing Candid Camera. The look of horror on her face when she realizes her husband has been secretly taping her is one everyone can relate to. At least her husband had the good sense to title the video, “the cutest gangsta I know. My wife.”

As the video goes viral, the couple may have lost some trust in their relationship, but they gained the knowledge that the world loves a respectable Salt N’ Pepa cover.

[H/T Digg]

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Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Give an Adorable 6-Year-Old Excellent Life Advice

And then he proceeds to roll on the ground

The great and powerful Neil deGrasse Tyson has some excellent life advice: When the world gives you puddles, jump in them.

When the famed astrophysicist came to College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts last week, an adorable 6-year-old girl in an Einstein T-shirt asked what first graders can do to “help the world.”

And his answer is all about exploration. Jumping in puddles, banging on pots and pans — even if your mom and dad aren’t always gung ho about the whole thing.

“Tell your parents Doctor Neil deGrasse Tyson said you should jump in the puddle,” he said before doing launching into a roll on the gymnasium floor.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious,” he said, reading the Einstein quote off the girl’s shirt. “It is the source of all true art and science.”

(h/t: Nerdist)

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