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Watch Sam Smith Surprise Everyone by Bringing Ed Sheeran on Stage to Sing ‘Stay With Me’

Seriously, the ladies in the crowd can NOT contain their excitement

Prepare to get so emotional, because this is a video of Ed Sheeran unexpectedly strolling onstage to join Sam Smith in a duet of his hit “Stay With Me.”

Smith was performing in the U.K. Wednesday night at Manchester’s Albert Hall when he launched into the popular tune. About 45 seconds in, Sheeran walked out and everyone totally lost it, which is understandable, because they were expecting just Sam Smith and then they got Ed Sheeran as a bonus.

The duet was, of course, lovely. Sheeran has had practice singing this song, as he recently covered it:

Anyway, after the show, Smith got all lovey-dovey and posted a photo of the pair on Instagram, with the comment: “So amazing to have this KING @teddysphotos on stage with me tonight. Such a wise and true friend to have. Love ya brother x”

So. Emotional.

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Grieving Dad Grants Deceased 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Wish to Be Famous

Listen to Anna van Keulen beautifully play Downton Abbey's theme on the piano

Two weeks ago, 13-year-old Anna van Keulen died from injuries she sustained during a bike accident on her way to school in the Netherlands.

On Tuesday, her grieving father Niek van Keulen decided to do what he could to fulfill at least one of his deceased daughter’s wishes: To be famous. He tweeted out a video of Anna playing the theme song from Downton Abbey on the piano, and the heartfelt performance immediately went viral. Less than two days later, the video has been viewed almost 1.5 million times.

A day after the video went up, van Keulen tweeted, according to Google translate, “It’s overwhelming … thanks all. Anna’s goal is reached: she’s famous.”

But he wants to keep the attention directed to his daughter rather than himself. “Dear journalists: please stop calling,” he tweeted. “I do not want [to be] on radio or TV, it’s not about me, it’s about Anna. Thank you.”

(h/t: Mashable)

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Groom Sweeps Bride Off Her Feet Only to Drop Her Seconds Later

Don't worry: they were both okay and successfully married each other

Well, this is definitely one way to make an entrance. At a recent wedding in Arizona, the groom, apparently overcome with lots of romantic feels, decided to scoop up his bride as they made their way into the reception. He begins running as the bride proudly raises her bouquet into the air, the guests whooping in delight. Everything seems great until … boom. He takes a tumble — a serious tumble — and they both crash into the pavement.

But don’t worry. The bride, Julia Magdaleno, told ABC News that the fall looks a lot worse than it really was. They suffered some minor cuts and bruises and were a bit sore the next day, but otherwise, everything was okay. In fact, the bride thought the whole thing was hilarious. Though perhaps not as hilarious as this other memorable wedding mishap:


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The Woman in That Viral Street Harassment Video Got Death and Rape Threats


The video has more than 8.1 million views on YouTube and over 42,000 comments

A woman featured in a video that showed her being harassed as walked the streets of New York City has received at least 10 death and rape threats since the video went viral.

Some of the threats have gone directly to Shoshanna Roberts’ personal email accounts, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The video, “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” had over 8.1 million views on YouTube as of late Wednesday afternoon, and many derogatory comments—including one that says “this is exactly why women aren’t supposed to leave the kitchen.”

Despite the backlash, the video, which was created by the anti-street harassment organization “Hollaback!”, has become the latest fodder in an ongoing conversation about street harassment. You can see the video below.

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This Paralympian Just Won Halloween With His Costume

Josh Sundquist's costume is a must see

Josh Sundquist has a reputation to uphold.

Each Halloween the Paralympic ski racer-turned-author and motivational speaker goes all out for Halloween, putting his so-called disability (Sundquist lost his leg to bone cancer when he was nine years old) to great effect.

Over the last few years, Sundquist’s gone as a flamingo (one leg up naturally), the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, and a gingerbread man with its leg bitten off. He has posted the entire impressive collection on his Facebook page.

This year he’s opted to get in touch with his inner athlete and what team sport is best known for having just one leg? Foosball. As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video, for his foosball player costume, Sundquist stuck his leg in a box and attached himself to the metal pipes that would connect him to his teammates were he really on a foosball soccer team.

Sundquist holds on to his title of King of Halloween once again.

[H/T Sports Illustrated]

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This Horror Movie Spoof Shows What It Would Actually Take to Terrify a Millennial This Halloween

"Who builds a mansion without any power outlets???"

Comedian Paul Gale created a horror short in which you actually wouldn’t be sad if any of the main characters died.

“What Terrifies 20-Somethings on Halloween” riffs on what actually would scare millennials trapped in a haunted mansion “without any power outlets!” Welcome to a world of no service, inexplicably fleeting battery life (“Oh my God it’s dead — I had 25%!”) and Tinder matches you will never be able to follow up on.

Happy Halloween! Everything is terrible.

(h/t: Daily Dot)

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Watch This Pilot’s Dramatic Midair Video of the Antares Rocket Explosion

The cause of the explosion is still unknown

Ed Sealing was up in a Cessna airplane hoping to get a glimpse of a rocket launch at NASA’s facility in Wallops Island, Va. “I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a rocket launched before,” Sealing told USA Today. “And I still haven’t…. It was definitely dramatic.”

Sealing had the camera on his iPad rolling when the launch turned into a dramatic and unfortunate series of explosions that blew apart the unmanned Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo module. “I just kind of thought, that’s not right, something’s wrong there,” Sealing said. “Then there was a second big explosion.”

Sealing was able capture it all and posted the footage to YouTube where it has quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

While no one was hurt in the explosion, the cargo rocket was carrying 5,000 pounds of experiments and equipment for NASA, including food supplies for the astronauts in the International Space Station.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

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Watch Daniel Radcliffe Rap ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ with Jimmy Fallon

He's a wizard on the mic

Daniel Radcliffe: child actor extraordinaire, theater star, and now, budding hip-hop idol?

In an appearance Tuesday on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the boy who lived became the man who rapped, with an incredible interpretation of Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics. By any measure an extremely difficult rap to repeat, Alphabet Aerobics employs a heavy dose of mouth-numbing consonance as it wends its way through each letter of the alphabet. But Radcliffe proved himself a wizard on the mic, barely dropping a syllable.

As impressive as Radcliffe’s performance is, the most enjoyable part of the video might just be Fallon’s exuberant head bobbing, especially by the letter “S”. A scintillating spectacle, stunning spectators, especially the show’s sign-squeezing emcee? Radcliffe and Blackalicious can take it from there.

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Stock Footage of Office Parties Makes for a Surprisingly Pleasing Rap Video

Who knew pie charts could be so sexy?

There’s pretty much nothing lamer than a party at the office. They’re so ripe for mockery that they gave us material for nine seasons of Emmy-winning hijinks on NBC. It turns out another thing they’re ripe for is music videos of the slow jam variety.

YouTube user Peter Greenlees saw gold where the rest of us saw ill-fitting business suits and soul-crushing conference rooms. Greenlees edited a compilation of shots of smiling office peons to accompany “She A Go,” by the late producer and musician DJ Rashad. Aside from minimal visual effects, the footage is mostly unadulterated. It’s pure professional bliss.

So the next time you’re struggling to extract yourself from the warm burrito of your sheets, switch on YouTube and remember that the office can be as fun as a real rap video, if you look at it in just the right way. You never know when that sleep-inducing board meeting will end in the PowerPoint dance party of your dreams.

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Watch Sesame Street‘s Magical Harry Potter Parody

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Hogwarts?

Throughout its seven installments, the Harry Potter series gets into some pretty heavy stuff: good and evil, love and friendship, life and death. Sesame Street’s parody of the boy wizard keeps things pretty light, though, taking a more educational approach for its pint-sized viewers.

In “Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies,” Cookie Monster plays Furry: bespectacled, be-scarved and on a mission for cookies. In order to get to the Goblet of Cookies, Furry must listen very carefully to the directions of Professor Crumblemore, sorting cookies into different jars based on shape and color. Only by following directions can Furry surmount the obstacles between him and the object of his confectionary love.

While Furry Potter doesn’t feature any of the spooks Potter fans enjoyed in the books and movies, it does offer one frightful scare: Fans who were pre-teens at the release of the first book in 1997 are now old enough to have kids watching Sesame Street. And that’s not magic. That’s just the relentless passage of time.

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