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Great Scott: Here’s Back to the Future‘s Best Scene Remade With LEGOs

Is it worthy of a LEGO Oscar?

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future this summer, London-based LEGO animator Macro Lego Universe has recreated the beloved science fiction film in six minutes. Pay close attention to the movie’s famous clock tower scene. Filmed at BRICK 2014, a convention for fans of the inter-locking bricks, it was animated and photographed by Vicki Smith and Daniel Jamieson, and the set was built by Elspeth De Montes.

Is it worthy of a LEGO Oscar?

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Watch a News Anchor Stare Her Colleague Down After He Calls Her the Hamburglar

"It's your birthday, I'll let it pass. No I wont, I'll get you later."

When a TV news host in St. Louis noticed his colleague was wearing a black and white striped shirt similar to the outfit worn by the Hamburglar, he decided to make that observation known.

The host, Tim Ezell, makes the reference pretty seamlessly and clearly catches the anchor, April Simpson, by surprise. She gives him what can only be described as a death glare, and then says, “It’s your birthday, I’ll let it pass.” Then she adds, “No I won’t, I’ll get you later.”

The clip was actually shot a year and a half ago, but the TV station, FOX 2, just shared it on YouTube for the first time, Mashable points out. It’s gained popularity thanks to comedian Kevin Hart, who shared it on Facebook Tuesday.

Alas, we never did find out if Simpson gets Ezell back for the diss.

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Here’s What It Would Look Like If Wes Anderson Directed an X-Men Movie

Mutants meet twee.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would look like if the X-Men trained at Royal Tenenbaum’s Harlem mansion? Or if Max Fischer was expelled from Rushmore and enrolled in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters? Have you secretly hoped that Wes Anderson would take the reins of The Avengers franchise? Then this video is for you.

Patrick Willems just debuted a new fan film on his YouTube channel, and it attempts to answer the burning question on every Grand Budapest Hotel fan’s lips: What would it be like if Wes Anderson directed an X-Men movie? (That’s the question, because we already know what it would look like if Anderson directed Star Wars.)

The result is a very symmetrical, red-and-gold-filled film that plunks the Marvel mutants into a world of privileged prodigies with poor social skills. In short, it’s pretty great, if a little rough around the edges.

(h/t Bleeding Cool)

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This Baby Will Only Stop Crying When She Hears Taylor Swift

And Tay herself loves this video

Many of us turn to Taylor Swift when we need comfort, and 6-month-old Rosie is no exception. In this video, she’s lying on a blanket, all worked up and crying about something — but when she hears the opening bars of Swift’s hit “Blank Space,” she immediately gets ahold of herself. When the music stops, Rosie begins to sob until it comes back.

Being the avid Internet user that she is, Tay has of course already seen this video and shared it on Twitter, declaring it the best thing she has ever seen:

We now recommend playing “Blank Space” to all parents struggling to console their infants.

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You’ll Actually Want to Watch Geico’s New Ad All the Way to the End

It's pretty much unskippable

When it comes to online advertising, it’s hard to get an audience to stick around to see what product is being advertised. That’s particularly true for those ads that force you to watch for five seconds, before letting you skip and get on with watching your skateboarding cat video. Geico has come up with an ingenious solution to that problem: make an ad that you won’t want to skip.

The company’s latest campaign features a series of ads that run for less than five seconds and puts the product right up front, meaning you can’t skip it. But Geico takes it a step further and actually rewards viewers with an ad that is simple, funny, and watchable and thus, really effective.

While the solution seems obvious, it’s hard to engage today’s jaded consumers and Geico has managed it.


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Homeless Man’s Good Deed Lands Him Cash, Job Offers

Shelby Hudgens doesn’t have a whole lot, but that hasn’t stopped him from helping out where he can.

On Feb. 21, Hudgens – who was left homeless after a fire destroyed his home in November – spent three hours helping push cars up a hill that were stuck in the snow after a winter storm. KOAA caught the act of kindness on camera, which got viewers interested in finding a way to help.

One viewer, Sarah Webster, created a GoFundMe page to raise money for Hudgens, who is currently living out of his car. It has already raised nearly $20,000, which is more than double its original goal of $7,500.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to get a job just as quickly and everything will just keep snowballing and getting better,” he told KOAA after finding out about the fundraising page.

Since the video came out, another stranger has offered to put him up in a hotel for a few nights, and others have offered him jobs.

Hudgens told Webster that he’s going to use the money to get a local ID so that he can get a new Social Security card and birth certificate, which were both lost in the fire that took his home. He also hopes to get an apartment and take a class to become a certified medical assistant.

“His needs are basic and his goals logical and attainable,” Webster wrote on her GoFundMe page. “He has a good head on his shoulders and a vision of where he’s going and what needs to happen to get there.”

Webster also uploaded a video interview with Hudgens to thank everyone for their kindness, and he said that he plans on taking people up on those job offers.

“It’s amazing,” Hudgens says in the video. “There are no words that can express the gratitude that I have for all of this.”

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com


Watch Alec Baldwin Valiantly Attempt to Rap for Charity

Chance the Rapper provides beats

Alec Baldwin is many things: An actor, philanthropist, dating advice guru, podcaster and former Words with Friends enthusiast. Now, he can add rapper to that list.

Chance the Rapper posted a video to Instagram that features him beatboxing while Baldwin freestyles beside him. It goes about as well as you think, with Baldwin giving it his all while reading his rhymes from a piece of paper.

The video came about because Baldwin, Chance, Alfred Woodard and Ali from A Tribe Called Quest were in Chicago for a fundraiser for Young Chicago Authors, an organization Chance credits as helping him become a leader.


While it’s clear Baldwin probably shouldn’t give up his day job, he deserves props for giving it a go for a good cause, namely, promoting YCA’s Louder Than A Bomb poetry festival. Plus it seems like he had a good time:


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This Hilarious Video Teaches You How to Act Like All Your Favorite Movie Stars

You'll be channeling everyone from J-Law to Matthew McConaughey in no time

If you’ve always wanted to impress people at parties with awesome celebrity impressions, this video created by actor and YouTube personality Ryan Higa will definitely come in handy.

Higa starts off with Twilight stars, offering tips on how to act like Robert Pattinson (“talk real quietly and sound like you’re in pain”), Kristen Stewart (just be super consistent and never change your facial expression) and Taylor Lautner (“all you have to do is have a nice body and take off your shirt to distract people from your bad acting”).

From there, Higa explains how to act like Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew McConaughey and Samuel L. Jackson. He manages to poke fun at the weaknesses of just about all of them.


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This Brave Soul Strapped Mentos to His Body and Jumped in a Bathtub Filled With Coke

It's kind of like a DIY jacuzzi.

Type Diet Coke and Mentos into YouTube’s search engine and you’ll be rewarded with more than 150,000 videos of people recording themselves getting into a sticky situation with this amateur science experiment.

The most recent variation on the theme involves a teenager spending his free time filling his bathtub with Coke Zero, taping Mentos all over his body and then jumping into the tub. He recorded the event and it’s a fascinating study in science, DIY Jacuzzi tub making and the extremes to which some people will go to amuse themselves.

Don’t try this at home, kids, because the one thing this video doesn’t show is the young man trying to clean up the bathroom after this experiment.

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Watch a Skydiving Instructor Save a Man Having a Seizure in Midair

A man who survived a seizure while skydiving from 12,000 feet in Australia said he spent 30 seconds unconscious in free fall before his instructor saved him.

Christopher Jones described the “scariest moment” of his life in a video published on YouTube on Sunday.

Jones can be seen convulsing about halfway through the two-minute clip that was published under the YouTube account “Nomadic Adrenaline…”

Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News

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