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President Obama Will Absolutely Not Put Peas in His Guacamole

SAUL LOEB—AFP/Getty Images US President Barack Obama speaks about the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, at Taylor Stratton Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee, July 1, 2015.

Because who would?

President Barack Obama has officially weighed in on guacamole-gate, and he is definitely not a fan of mixing peas into guac.

The controversy began when the New York Times encouraged its readers to try adding peas to their guacamole. Guac fans the world over didn’t just question the Times’ taste. They exploded.

The leader of the free world added his own opinion during a Twitter Q&A, and guess what? He’s on the side of the truly patriotic, God-fearing Americans.

In turns out peas in guac is one of the only issues both side of the aisle can agree on. Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush and the Texas GOP both agreed with Obama:

Here are some other great reactions to the great guac controversy of 2015:

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Watch This Pregnant Mom and Her Daughter’s Adorable Dance Party

"My mom is gonna rock! But don't laugh at her!"

Nikki Taylor, who is eight months pregnant with her second child, decided to spend some quality time with her daughter, Jaylyn, by having an epic dance party in their living room.

Taylor and 6-year-old Jaylyn break it down to Silento’s “Watch Me” — and both of them totally crush it, clearly.

“My mom is going to rock,” Jaylyn says before they begin their choreography. “But don’t laugh at her.”

Taylor told BuzzFeed that they originally recorded the video for her fiance while he was at work, but after she posted it on Facebook to show her friends, it blew up. In just a few days, it has racked up more than 22 million views.

“She kills me, I’m winded,” Taylor wrote on Facebook, “but this is as good as it gets.”

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Someone Photoshopped Nicolas Cage As 30 Game of Thrones Characters

Welcome to Cage of Thrones

Game of Thrones has been over for a few weeks now, but fans with a lot of free time on their hands have kept themselves entertained by getting creative — like when one superfan re-cut scenes to make the despicable Ramsay Bolton look like a really nice guy.

This week, a Reddit user by the name of CarlosDanger100 gave you something else you didn’t think you wanted to see: He doctored Nicolas Cage’s face onto 30 different characters from the HBO hit. Some designs (like Cage as Cersei) aren’t as convincing, but others (like Cage as Stannis) work so well you may not be able to un-see it.

See the pictures below.

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Watch 100 Years of Russian Beauty Trends in Less Than 2 Minutes

Featuring Pussy Riot's signature look

In this minute-and-a-half clip, a production company called Cut.com aims to show how Russian fashion and style has evolved from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. The video features looks inspired by Stilyagi, a Soviet counter-culture movement, and balaclavas, the signature face masks worn by Pussy Riot, the Russian dissident girl band.

Past “100 Years of Beauty” segments have sought to enlighten the Internet about Korean, Indian and Mexican hair and make-up trends, as well as American style.

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Hilarious Dad Shows How to Hold a Baby in 17 Creative Ways

He names every move, from the "Double Baby Jesus" to the "Bird on a Wire"

Unsure how to properly hold a baby? Don’t worry, because this father and expert baby-holder is here to help. Jordan Watson of New Zealand demonstrates 17 different ways to hold a baby — and he offers a clever name for each one.

Watson starts simple with the “Standard Shoulder Hold,” which can easily become the “Need to Pick Something Up Chin Standard Shoulder Hold.” He eventually shows off some more complicated moves like the “Dance Partner” and the “Show Off to Other Kids Fish.”

And don’t worry: Watson notes that no babies were harmed in the making of this video.

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One Woman Loved Jurassic World So Much She Cried for 15 Minutes

She gave it a 15 out of 10

Judging by its record-setting box office performance, Jurassic World made a lot of people excited. But not as excited as the woman in the above video, who, according to her husband, loved the Chris Pratt-led film so much she cried about it for 15 minutes. It’s kind of hard to tell what she enjoyed through her happy sobs, but (we think) we made out the following: “There was so much about relationships, it had the theme of power through the whole thing, it’s so thematic and good … and the story of the raptors, they’re all, like, friends and stuff.”

She did have a bone to pick, however, with the Bryce Dallas Howard’s surprisingly controversial high heels in the film. “Put on some pants and tennis shoes!” she said. “That made me so mad!”

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Watch a Series of Uncomfortable Freudian Slips in June’s Best News Bloopers

Plus: lots of awkward silences and technical difficulties

If you want to brighten your day a little, take 10 minutes and watch this compilation of the funniest (and most uncomfortable) news bloopers from the past month.

You’ll see a variety of Freudian slips, unintentional double entendres and awkward pauses. And, as always, you’ll see plenty of technical difficulties and distracting videobombs.

Also, keep an eye out for Workaholics actor Blake Anderson, who went on a morning show to promote his new movie, Dope. Exhausted and bleary-eyed, he drops an f-bomb and then sort of apologizes it.


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Urban Outfitters Is Getting Mocked on Social Media for High Prices

#UrbanOutfittersbelike is going viral

A new hashtag, #UrbanOutfittersbelike, is going viral on Twitter mocking the retail chain Urban Outfitters for charging high price tags for strange or otherwise inexpensive items.

According to CNNMoney, the hashtag appeared to start after a user tweeted a picture of pricey hair bands.

Soon, #UrbanOutfittersbelike was spreading, with people tweeting photos of objects with hefty price tags.

Urban Outfitters did not immediately respond to requests for comment. But who wouldn’t want this $55 pizza pool float?

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Here Are Today’s Best Marriage Equality Memes

A roundup of the most viral parodies

Since the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Friday that all U.S. states must recognize same-sex marriages, the Internet has been flooded with parodies of Justice Antonin Scalia’s blistering dissent and President Barack Obama.

One of the most viral is a tweet sent by the Twitter account @JillBidenVEEP, which has been mistaken for the official account of Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s wife (who is @DrBiden on Twitter):

In just a couple of hours, the message was retweeted more than 15,000 times and inspired multiple memes:

Other jokes:

Congrats to all of my #lbgt friends!! ❤💛💚💙💜 #lovewins #marriageequality #marriage #scotus #love

A photo posted by Ash Libbie (@ashlibbie) on

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Watch a Real-Life Kramer Break the Door of the Seinfeld ‘Apartment’

This is why we can't have nice things

Last week, we told you that Hulu was going to recreate Jerry Seinfeld’s Upper West Side apartment on West 14th Street in New York City to celebrate the show’s debut on the online video platform on June 24.

Well as soon as it opened, a man trying to recreate Kramer’s signature, klutzy dramatic entrances broke off a piece of the fake front door. The culprit, Tim McGeever, told The Hollywood Reporter that a security guard cursed at him, people shuffled away, yada, yada, yada, and he left. He also said his friends had always compared him to Kramer and that he is enjoying his new reputation the “Sein-failed guy.”

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